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Something is utterly wrong with your hardware, your setup or your settings.
There is absolutely NO WAY that these specs are locking at 10 FPS.
There are hundred-thousands of others with similar specs and not having these kind of problems.
What I derive from that, that it must be something on your side (there is no 100% certainty though).

First impressions after hot fix update in PC-VR:
Performance ok, but not the best i have seen in MSFS
trees are every where, on runways, taxiways on buildings.
Still some culling/pop in allthougt new slider set to ultra
Landssape/terrain is still constantly morphong in up as i fly by
The antialiasing shimmering is everywhere, I think it is worse than before this hot fix
Still picture quality is degraded, as introduced of the Xbox update.

This applys to enywhere i have flown.

32 gb ram
Nvidia driver 471.41 works the best for me
SSD a lot of them
Community folder total empty


Of course - looking at your resolution you are rocking 4K with the render scaling set at 110% - making your resolution 4224x2376 !

Looking at your handlers as well as your memory budget, you are rocking a GPU with 6GB of VRAM.

Ryzen 7 2700x is a 4 year old CPU, while a GPU with 6GB of VRAM surely falls within the lower end category.
Your real hardware specs fall within the fair 1080p gaming and are absolutely insufficient for 4K in MSFS, let alone the added render scaling.

Set the render scaling back to 100, graphical settings to medium and the resolution to 1920x1080p.


That isn’t the hotfix, it’s always been like that.

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The small update for me was around 5KB, and consisted of some localisation updates only. I got that before the hotfix.

Thanks for reporting, are you sure that was wind gusts and not just turbulence? did the airspeed fluctuated significantly? there are some reports of a bit more turbulence than what it used to.
What worries and really missing are the wind gusts near the ground where it matters most and makes hand-flying more challenging… That’s the closest to real-life flying with the current fidelity the sim can offer.
If you haven’t seen it yet, there is a long lasting discussion with many examples shown here:


Nvidia graphics card?
If yes - download Nvidia drivers v466.77

Uninstall Nvidia drivers and restart PC.
Install 466.77 drivers and restart PC.

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Yes, it has always been like that - but he actually made a good point - it would be a nice quality of life improvement, since it’s also always kinda been a small itch.

Quality of life stuff…like nothing big of a deal, but it’s there and it makes you from time to time shake the arrow and maybe say “tz…man these letters, come on go away…ah it’s cool now…” and continue.
And it can be improved, why not. :smiley:

Kenny, you could suggest or start a topic where we could report various quality of life fixes, those small things such as this one. All apps and games have them, and it’s always cool to have them remedied.
It’s just that folks often do not waste time on searching for and grouping them on oneplace, because there are always some larger issues.

Even though one or two quality of life fixes do not mean that much - imagine 5 or 10 of those getting polished with each update.
Super cool thing. :slightly_smiling_face:


Anybody had trouble with the “hotfix”? It is not showing on my series s. There were 2 small downloads (around 5mb) total I believe. one for garmin & small one for WU6 but bot the 1gig + one.

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Tiny Garmin update, some soft tweaks and fixes to the code, the Chinese localization - and that’s it - you are good. :slightly_smiling_face:

Finally managed to get the hotfix installed. Sim running really well.


The best thing with CTDs is that you know why it happens.

MSFS has basically failed thus far to report the causes to the user.

Short after the hotfix, I’ve found out that user config opt file altered and rearranged arbitrarily and unintentionally by GeForce Exp also gets the title to CTD, due to its bad formatting of the setting lines.


Hey Stelios, sorry for the late reply!
The ones I’ve tried were Denmark, Tyrol and Rijeka - plus the Berlin discovery flight - all okay at my end.

And what about yours, what’s happening ?

Same for me.
Stuck during loading in to a flight 3 times after this hotfix.
All threads go completely to idle.

Well, we know what crashes it sometimes. In this case:
“It crashes on touchdown.”
What exactly is causing it was a mystery until someone mentioned the secondary start point. I’ve yet to be in a position to test it. If it doesn’t fix it, I may know what I was doing when it CTDd, but even as a developer I won’t know how to fix that error, or what exactly is causing it. This is the case with most CTDs I fear.

Now, imagine the frustration of the developers:
folks demand improvements or there are new features and stuff and some of it maybe requires custom formatting of lots of things, custom coding, new innovative design, etc.

Then come helper/utility apps such as the GeForce Experienceeee…that has a feature that modifies a certain config file - cool - and it does that according to the default standards - hellyeah super cool - according to the Unity template and the MSFS settings databse - cool …on nVidia’s servers…that need some time to properly propagate all updates as we receive them…

And then…it comes…does its thing…and it actually messes everything up and folks riot ! :sweat_smile:
This is absolutely hilarious to think about sometimes ! :rofl:

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Everything works fine for me.

The only issue I have:
Dropping of FPS during long flights as among other users. I kinda think it’s a live weather issue. It seems to be better when flying durch presets.

And the AA issue. Especially when thin lines are tight parallel on some airport structures… I always get flickering there. But this is not a FS issue, I have it in battlefield too

I run the same update process as you and likewise have had no problems with installing any of the updates, inc this latest hotfix.

Although I leave the config file well alone, the only thing I might add to your list for those who cannot resist tweaking it would be a step to restore the default config file to avoid conflicts with any changes that have been made.

Maybe the thing is that we must always bear in mind that life is the biggest problem itself and we keep going by breaking and fixing it on and off to reach the next level.

this might well be the most beautiful part of it, just that we are not aware.

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You could use the free Addons Linker to get over the pain of removing and adding mods back into your community folder.

Set it up to manage them and you can turn them all off with one mouse press. And then only turn on the ones you need for a flight.

It also includes two tools to check for and correct duplicate file names between addons that can be a source of CTDs…

94,449 users can’t be wrong!