Official Discussion: September 2nd, 2021 Development Update

Absolutely. Spot on. FLIGHT Simulator.


All of these forum personalities come together with varying opinions. Other than then the vile and despicable comments that have no place on any forum, everyone is intitled to an opinion, right or wrong. There is no shame in posting your opinion. Believe it or not, this all helps to make everyone’s experience better, including MS/Asobo. This sim/game was developed for every age group level and rank (Extremely Hardcore through  Beginner) and embraces every bit of criticism, positive or negative. It’s difficult to please everyone instantaneously, however balance is what is necessary. This thing is a monster in terms of technology, with a whole lot to manage and stabilize. We all are looking for one common denominator and that is to create the greatest experience possible for ourselves and others, but there are a lot of real obstacles and issues users are expressing. MS/Asobo has a big job ahead of them, let’s hope with all the feedback on the forums that everyone’s voice is heard.


So apparently saying I’m going to ignore a thread violated community standards. So going forward I’ll be more negative, like many of the posts in this thread, make some sort of flame against someone. Then ignore the thread. Though likely this one will be flagged as well. If you all had to go talk face to face with the people you so easily attack in these basically anonymous forums, maybe you’d be more civil. Or maybe not. Perhaps we just live in a new world where negativity and anger are the norm.


Just done the same now!

You’re not doing a very good job then…


See how the truth hurts? This cannot be overstated; the truth about the screenshot obsession resulting in a lack of aviation realism should not hurt here, we are all flight simmers, wanting aviation realism, right?


It is hard to argue with your first post on this thread. Appropriating 3rd party dev “news” as part of the official update is not a good look IMHO. I would welcome it as a separate summary of information that I can’t collate myself of “what’s occurring in the MSFS ecosystem” but this just felt like they were rather cynically trying to fill the empty space… @aracines


Not all of them though as it clearly states, surely by now they know all the fixes and bugs squashed. So therefore we should be able to get the full list, would’ve been something on what is a very empty “blog”


The Dev Team usually releases a full change notes the day of the Update. Typically Dev Blog updates are highlights, but touch many of the widely reported or featured fixes.


Based on the lack of coherent progress, I think it will be a long time before the “MSFS Whack-a-mole” is over


Well said. The scope and scale project is so ground-breaking, it’s been acknowledged way beyond the gaming and tech industries. We’re getting the input and opinions because I assume many here grasp what’s been delivered thus far and see the incredible potential going forward, but don’t want it to regress (just be built on) - personally appreciate the passion and creativity of (most of…) the community when discussing bugs / issues / regressions / suggestions, etc because it shows genuine interest. Can you imagine if it was tumbleweeds in the forums instead…it’d be the death knell.

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I’m well aware of that, just saying it would’ve been nice to have some actual information in this blog with perhaps some new highlights


I have stopped flying for now, hoping the next update will fix some pressing issues to get me interested again. Checking in on the development ‘update’ didn’t get my hopes up, neither does the banner with ongoing Bing data issues at the top.

Hopefully this amazing program gets back on track and starts making some progress towards aviation. I spend the first year making screenshots, which FS2020 is (or was) excellent for but now I’m more interested in getting a tube liner from A to B possibly with a stop in between without constantly running into issues.

I would also like to be able to buy more planes without worrying whether they work / keep working after the next update. A date when the sim is expected to become a stable platform for 3rd party add-ons would be appreciated.


That’s taking the easy path though, isn’t it?

Releasing notes which recognise the bugs/ issues raised by the Community and outling specific plans/ timelines to fix them pre-update (ie in the Update which follows) demands far more commitment since you then have to stick to your promises and can be held accountable if you have not followed through.

Releasing them on Update Day merely tells the Community what you have chosen to (or managed to) fix.

And if they that then creates more bugs/ issues we just continue on the same unhappy merry-go-round ad infinitum…

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Respectfully, that’s a practice of a lot of software developers in the entertainment market. I also happen to be a less than satisfied owner of CD Projekt Red’s CyberPunk 2077. All they provide is a nebulous timeline graphic for most of Q1-Q2 2021 on patch releases. Patch 1.3 when it finally hit the other month was a page and a half of small font bullets in multiple categories. No indication at all of what they intended to fix, improve or add since 1.2 until that day. Transparency is relative. I happen to see a lot of variances in the products I own. It helps to have a wider view.

If you have concerns about the approach, please file a Zendesk ticket as Customer Feedback or file a Dev Q&A question for the next update which should be Sim Update 6 later this quarter.


Your point is well taken.

-Taking a wider view: I deplore current practice which has become the norm

-Focusing on MSFS as a purchaser/consumer: I am entitled to make the point I made.

Ultimately, the world we now live in (with SAAS/ licences and a move away from physical ownership of e.g. games) means that Micrasobo and other companies can never be held accountable for their operational practices or quality of the product.

The only way the consumer can fight their corner these days is to not consume the product.

Expressing any opinion on this forum is to that extent utterly pointless.

But we still have the luxury of being able to say what we think.

Until the Bots take over and create The Matrix.


Nobody I mean nobody is going to ever match the Bing data in a Sim. That data cost $$$. MS owns that data giving them a big edge. The Sim/Game is a work of art that others will be judged for years to come. I have 10 departures from Kabul airport in My C17 III Globemaster the MSFS runs perfect. Providing me with hours and hours of fun! Love the graphics and framerate.

THIS x infinity=THIS

THIS is why the screenshot obsession must be eradicated
THIS is what I have been warning the flight sim community about for decades
THIS will be realized by more and more, because all of us love MSFS


Agreed, I think they should separate that out and publish it as “Marketplace News” or “DLC Update” or something like that. A completely different communication given it’s completely different focus and purpose.


I agree MSFS can be a wonderful experience, but its blatant and intentional limitations are what’s at stake.

What is missing is you saying that you love the “Aviation Realism”, which is vital to the survival of MSFS.