Official Discussion: September 9th, 2020 Development Update

Perhaps they are waiting for the implementation of the new weather system? But if so, why don’t they communicate that? Or leave the wind gusts in the game while working on something new. I really hope we’ll get some more info in the dev Q&A.


Great decision, two SU in a row! A robust and extensible sim platform is what we really need now.

Not to spoil your rant but have you actually tried it?
Winds definitely gust with live weather, everything is far more lively in the air after wu6.
I think the graph in the weather setting panel may be broken though


an error with traffic navigation lights has already been resolved by the community.

Give it to Asobo if they can’t figure it out.

Here’s the patch


Can you elaborate what you tested and when? surface winds? which airport?
are you sure you’ve seen significant airspeed fluctuations and not just mechanical turbulence ?
If you haven’t seen this bug post, I strongly suggest to update your findings there : No wind gusts regardless of how gust sliders are set. No data displayed in the "Wind Graph". Broken for PC and Xbox!
There are many people eagerly waiting for this to really work as it used to pre-SU4, and I’ve been thoroughly testing this even since it’s gone.


:+1: for the “COMMUNITY TRIAGE UPDATE” - That’s a right step in improving communication and follow-up. Hopefully we get to see more updates and more communication from MS/Asobo regarding open issues and bugs.

As for the upcoming updates and hotfixes, due to the nature of the sim forced updates (my POV regarding why not Any plans to avoid forced updates and allowing us to rollback into an older version?)
the very minimum approach should be:

  • Obvious and serious functionality regressions - HOTFIX ASAP - i.e. AI lights, wind gusts, trim issues, etc…
  • Any other improvements and features can be delivered as part of the SIM/World updates.

Hotfixes should come as many and as much as feasible and needed, it should be continuous fixing especially when the sim updates are so far from each other. Too many people are “taking turns” in being grounded after each sim update , and many regressions are left broken for months without clear communication of whether and when they will be fixed.


Hi, Do you have some info about this issue @Jummivana

Would be nice to have some feedback of the windgusts issue that are broken since su4. I think It should have been fixed in a hotfix before su5. Why the prioritizing of eyecandy all the time? The nightlighting we can fix now if we have renderscaling to 100. Windgusts we cant fix. Nothing happens when we change it in custom weather.


it is not clear that how it was possible to break almost everything in different aspects of the simulator when optimizing for xbox ???

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$40. Wow! Anybody old enough to remember CFS2? Good Times. The whole game was $50.
I’ll have to try it.

It was kind of a special case, Sim Update 5 was being worked on for 6+ months (while the team had to work on the other updates in parallel), and its release was the result of several branches getting merged. It’s probably why some small problems (which were fixed with Sim Update 4) and the old installation issues returned I guess.

Now that the amount of active branches is reduced, I imagine there will be more stability moving forward. I hope they bring back regular beta testing, even for World Updates.


I just put it in today to last update and the update icon doesn’t appear for me in the MS store.The FS inactive here.

Remind me the next time we have to pay for a World Update…


Hi @Jummivana thanks for this update and in particular the update on the VR side.

Regarding the AA bug which is unable to be reproduced, could you please confirm that there is now enough information in the bug thread ( many reports and a clear video of the problem) for the issue to remain open and not closed down? And if not, please could you clarify or ask the Devs what additional information they would like users to provide?

Thank you


They hoping to get this bug (AI plane lights missing) fixed and released with SU6 as it is high pri here in the community.


Will let you know! Sending the info over the VR team.


Sorry, maybe the wrong place to put that question in, but i dont know where else to ask.
I try to start fs and, as often, there is a new update. window is popping up to say, that you have to go to the store to make the update. but at the store there is no update!!!

i can’t play fs now because of that. any solutions ??

thanks for your help

Thanks for the update on this and VR Jayne. Just to make sure this is not overlooked, MP lights in VR display no farther than 5nm… In turn lights or not, the sky remains mostly empty even in congested areas like Los Angeles.


for me its just saad that whe have to wait 12 weeks or more to get the navlight bug fixed…for vatsim pilots this is esssential. the only shimmer of hope on horizon is that there arw two sim updates planed for this year. for simmers is it essential to fix the bugs and not to get more content…

Just so I don’t confuse the two, is this the issue you are talking about or is it another thread? [BUG LOGGED] AI / Live Traffic only visible short range


No it isn’t, instead:

Increase distance threshold to see other aircraft navigation and strobe lights at night - Bugs & Issues / Virtual Reality (VR) - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

(a moderator has also removed the [BUG] prefix in the title a few days ago)

The gist of it:

In other words, like I said earlier, since the developers will be working in correcting a bug affecting the lights, while at it, it could be worth to also increase their display distance. Because otherwise, even if the lights will show again soon, past 5nm they serve no purpose at all.