Official Discussion: Sim Update 10 - Wednesday Sept. 21st

try to find the link provided earlier in this post.




Don’t mess about with drivers now. See if Asobo have included the VRAM optimisation before spending time doing that.

If they haven’t, and they might not because of the lack of game ready driver, you don’t need the driver anyway as the fix it contains is for if VRAM optimisation is included in the sim, this optimisation was removed after the first beta build.


Either driver can be used for gaming.


Thanks a lot all that replied and really appreciated :+1:


Please lets all relax. Personally I have no intention of going anywhere near MSFS for a few days. Not until I have an NVIDIA update and I read in the forum that all things are well.
No rush. Early worm catches a cold I always say !

Guess What?
I am now switching off Win10 and go sleeping…

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It’s crazy how Asobo don’t have a clear communication on this.

Do we download the studio driver or do we still need to wait for a game ready driver? This should be communicated by the devs.

Unless it is stated in the release notes, this will just create chaos and leave everyone wondering.

Even worse, we might not even get any driver update at all and not get the DX12 optimization and all this waiting around was for nothing.

Again, no communication at all.


I thought the more telling quote was this:

The Steam beta branch has already received the version of Sim Update 10 that will be released to the public (

So we’ve been running 10 for a few days now LOL Surprise!!!

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Ehm. We need to update the driver for update 10 improvements? I’m lost in the discussion

“No communication at all” OMG! :rofl:

A 1.15 GB store update is out.


Updating the game now

NVIDIA driver version numbers are what’s important! Studio drivers usually lag behind as stable versions. This is the first time I’ve seen a Studio driver version surpass a Game Ready driver version number, it’s usually the other way around.

If there becomes a Studio and Game driver with the same version number, they are the same! Either is OK to use, whatever is newer in this case.

Asobo don’t communicate anything. We can blame or credit them for anything to do with code, but not communications. That’s solely the responsibility of Microsoft.

This is a Microsoft product and they own, publish and promote it. Asobo were hired to build it. That’s all. Yes, they’re a main part, but they don’t do the PR for it nor speak to the public.


Well, the countdown has ended…so… where… is it?

Yep, just what I predicted. No VRAM optimisation as no driver. Complete joke.


No update yet in Germany.

It’s there for me. Downloading it now on my XBox Series X.

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