Official Discussion: Upcoming Hotfix Announcement

Thank you for the update and communication with our community - much appreciated.

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Unbelievable: no mention about live traffic?

I would think that is a priority considering:’

  1. A few developers projects depend on it. One has been canceled because of SU5.

  2. It is an advertised/marketed feature that any layperson will notice is amiss. Spawn traffic doesn’t move. They just sit at the gates and never move. ASOBO workers must have noticed that. Jorg has been personally notified by numerous folks. Recreation is easy: load into airport , look at spawning live traffic.

That means nowhere in the whole sim are aircraft taking off. They are also missing nosewheels, hard to miss. Lights are missing, easy to recreate at night. You can’t see the aircraft. There atleast is a workaround for that(CRUNCHIE)

CTD: crashes should ALWAYS be a priority. Temperature, sure fix that. Fix that yo yo looking thingy. Fix the washed out Mona Lisa photo in Paris, but if people are crashing to desktop…THEY can’t play…simple as that.

This shouldn’t be fixed at SU6 which is 6 weeks + away. Crashes need to be fixed now, as well as live traffic taking off. Waiting a whole future Sim update to fix things messed up during the pervious sim update makes little sense. That just always keeps us moving 2 steps back for every step forward, which is how many seem to feel.

Speaking of crashes, putting on live traffic increases CTD’S, especially for those of us using FSX/LEGACY models. MDL files crash us. Please fix this issue, considering ASOBO has no alternative matching models and liveries.

Unreal weather, help their mod to work. Its a fan favorite and has not worked since SU5. ASOBO should support their developers.

I’m very glad Asobo has taken a stand here after almost 10 days filled with so many extremely negative and unfair posts, hate and destructive energy

Telling other people that their posts are negative is actually an example of a negative post. I honestly think many complains arent warranted about “wanting new things”, but when you mess up what was working you better be ready to work 24/7 to fix it. You think DICE is gonna wait 10 days in silence if their multiplayer doesn’t work when BF 2042 comes out?

Be real, most gaming companies know they have to achieve min performance to survive. EA made the mistake once before and their stock dropped and their own shareholders sued.


Great to see most of the issues being investigated and addressed. I’m hoping the UI gets fixed too as currently my mouse cursor disappears when panning using the joystick hatswitch after SU5.

I’ve seem similar UI/mouse issues mentioned on the forums so hoping that’s picked up under the ‘other issues’ section.

@Jummivana Can you please add to the list that the aircraft customization page does not remember settings, callsign, reg and flightnumber?


Could we see something that addresses the issues of the Landing Challenges or at least get some updated SDK information? All of them on the are broken and they are a great resource for some fun ways to fly.

Thanks for the Post on the ASOBO Website, @Urthgental.

@CptLucky8 I agree.

I picked up this on the site also at
Microsoft Flight Simulator | Asobo Studio



Thanks, Asobo!

This 2nd hotfix and subsequent fixes as announced will take care of most shortcomings the sim has for me at the moment. Thanks for the detailed heads-up.

To me, your post is a well-received confirmation how serious you are about the FS2020 project…

I love this sim and I am very much looking forward to the improvements and fine-tuning that will come in the next couple of years.

What a journey that will be!
Count on me for continued support and feedback.

The funny thing is I think the vr was better the very first day I was in the vr beta then it is now.


I am very glad to see the effort of communicating and acknowledging the train wreck it had been for some players. Makes me have hope for the future of the simulator! A couple things I hope to see addressed is the bugged controls menu, the bugged customization menu, as well as the changes to the aircraft trim. i.e. patch notes on changes to how it works, seems way too sensitive now. I’m not sure if it’s a bug or was intended.

Hope that will fix most issues that occured.

Good job Microsoft Team.

Please fix (delete) the Flight Planner automatic waypoint inserts i.e. Time Climb, etc.


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Lots of issues being reported on Xbox still even today. Including crash to dashboard and what really sounds like a serious memory leak.

So of course there is going to be a hotfix.

They at least list a couple of PC specific issues though which gives hope.

But it’s the Xbox which is driving the speed at which these hotfixes are landing…

(Don’t get me wrong. I’m happy there are hotfixes for all - both platforms. It would suck equally to be an invested Xbox simmer and not get serious issues addressed. I’m also happy that MS/Asobo are working to make it work and avoid a worst case scenario platform launch and avoid the sort of derision that’s usually reserved for Bethesda)


Excellent news, and really quite speedy, maybe it’s a generational thing and because I didn’t grow up with social media, but I’m not sure how this can be considered slow. Of course, we wouldn’t have this fix so quickly if people had just stopped complaining like some told us to. Something to think about.

As for those who have insisted there was nothing wrong, people’s screenshots didn’t show anything, it was just server issues etc etc. Perhaps if they have self awareness they’ll acknowledge they could have been a little less dismissive of those with problems, and be grateful we are getting a fix so quickly because of people making sure Asobo were as aware as possible something had gone seriously wrong, and waiting for the next world update or longer wasn’t acceptable. There’s some learning points in there for many of us. One day it might be you with a problem, whether with software or life generally, and you probably won’t appreciate a lot of people telling you you’re imagining it and actively trying to stop you being helped.


Great post. Very comprehensive. Looking forward to the hotfix and subsequent updates. Good job!

Please fix pauses after take off in certain areas. Especially pauses for 20-30 seconds.Thank you

Two words
Thank you !

any info on removing eyeball and toolbar not disappering?

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These are just great news. I’m glad the community’s voice has been heard. Thank you so much for the awesome news!

Yes, it is empty, it has always been empty.

Thank you for the comms guys, I guess you are realising that this is not a game for many of us its our pastime and it hurts us when it’s taken away, the simple fact of acknowledgement makes a big difference especially when so many on the forums try to persuade others they are making issues up.