Official liveries

Is there any chance for Microsoft to add official liveries in-game and not use these from the mods? I like the modded liveries but some official addon would be nice tho


I certainly hope so.


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They announced a month ago that they would be releasing a free livery pack (called the Aviator’s Club). We are WAY past the announced date of availability and they still haven’t released it, so who knows. I’m loving the sim, but holy ■■■■ they’ve botched so many things about the release of this, and things like this just add fuel to the fire.

Official Microsoft blog about it:


Hoping for some official liveries too.


According to the Aug 13th Q&A, they contacted all airlines and are in the process of licensing the liveries. Some airlines allowed it but some might take more time. It is coming though.


Just spotted your avatar Clarence. Surely you can’t be serious :grinning:

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Don’t call me Shirley


Ohh yes!!! Classic!!! Nice beaver!!


I don’t really understand using liveries. I can’t see the outside of the plane when I’m flying and when I’m flying with others, everyone has custom liveries they’ve gotten from somewhere and I see everyone as only one particular tricycle gear taxiing around as a tail dragger (I am not proficient at naming aircraft as I only really know Cessna and Piper, but it’s always the same default aircraft everyone appears in dragging the tail around with the nose wheel up in the air.)

Makes more sense when you think about using the liveries for the real world AI traffic. So when you visit an airport in Germany you would see majority local airlines from there vs visiting one in the US.

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And that generally why I want liveries, to make the world more real… not for my aircraft but the ones I see.

Liveries would be nice, but i don’t bother downloading any of them until we get a replay function :sweat_smile:

I downloaded the mega pack but was not impressed by the first few I saw so ditched it…

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Still no sign of the promised Aviators Club livery pack.

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Another reason for the liveries is that the tower (in real life) will sometimes say “Follow the Aer Lingus 737 on final” or ground will say “give way
at Alpha to the Cathay Pacific 777”, et cetera.
In the sim, I’ve only gotten one command like this so far, and it was to “follow the Generic”. :slightly_frowning_face:

I’m wondering what happened to those liveries too.