Official MSFS 3rd developer contact information listing page

There are many users who are having difficulties with 3rd party developer addons and many of these users are unware on how to contact these developers for support.

My suggestion is for the community managers to create an official MSFS 3rd party developer contact information listing page under the official domain which is linked to the official MSFS github page that can be easily updated by 3rd party developers sending pull requests.

There is a list but the list is only good if those 3rd Party developers submit their information:

For marketplace contact, that needs to be handled through Zendesk:

There is also a wishlist on this:


Thank you for the information. I was aware of the listing on the 3rd addon section.

I do think MSFS and the 3rd party developer community has grown to a point that the contact information listing needs to be moved away from the forums and put in a location where it can be more easily found and accessible by users for support and bug reporting.

If the updating of the contact information was easier via github by pull request then maybe more 3rd party developers and others might be willing to help community managers with contact information.

I would suggest supplying your feedback on the existing wishlist so that this is all kept together. :slight_smile:

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I would suggest, that if you want it done, and done properly, someone in the community with the WEB skills, sets it up.

Maybe a main menu, with all the Developer’s names, each pointing to a Sub Page that only that developer and the person setting up the system) has update access to.

Then each developers can put up their own information. (Or NOT !! )

Those that don’t, will be very conspicuous by their absence, and customers “May” consider that to be a collection of 3rd party Dev who do not care about supporting their customers, and will therefore avoid them.

A thumb up count, and thumbs down count, by each developer would not be a bad idea either !!! (as long as the numbers cannot be rigged)

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