[OFFICIAL] Special Community Fly-in Event: Formation flying over North Africa

We will be hosting an Official Fly-in alongside a group of community members (you!) on Twitch. This is an open event, free to those who would like to fly along with us and available for all skill levels. The goal is to have a great time, explore new locations of the world, and make new friends.

Hosted by @Jummivana and @simtom2.

This flight plan was created by @SeedyL3205

Special Guests: @TheFlyingFabio, @dTwotonemurphy, @SeedyL3205, and @HowardElvis

When: Friday, 2000Z, for two hours.
Where: The Official Twitch Channel of MSFS

There will also be a Discord event channel open for those who want to voice chat.

Please see below for details on the upcoming Fly-In Event.


Join us this week for a special community fly-in featuring Forderlearntofly, Seedyl, TheFlyingFabio, and TwoToneMurphy! They will be getting in the cockpit of four Spitfire planes to teach a little bit of the basics and how to attempt formation flying! This is to gear up for a special SATURDAY event they will be hosting on their own Twitch channels.

Then, everyone is welcome to fly with us over North Africa. Total flying time is about 55 minutes, and will probably start about an hour into the community stream.

We will take off from Cairo International, do a short flight over to Giza to see the pyramids and the sphinx, turn northwest to Alexandria, then fly west along the Mediterranean coast for a full stop landing at El Alamein.


Do I need a spitfire to join? Absolutely not!

Cruise speed is around 240 knots in the Spitfire, so pick a plane that can go relatively that speed (no airliners, please). The TBM would be a solid choice.

We will be starting at HECA and this flight will start around 2045Z or 2100Z. Please load your aircraft 10 minutes prior to take off and taxi over to the taxiway or parking.


Please adhere to the following settings so you can see everyone / be seen by everyone.

Variable Setting
Server North Europe
Multiplayer All
Live traffic As desired
Weather Live


To communicate with others, a voice channel on the "Official Microsoft Flight Simulator Discord” at https://discord.gg/msfs will be available to join.

It is advised in this flight to turn off both aircraft collisions and terrain collisions. If you do crash, you can use “slew” mode to join the pack. If the pack will be too scattered before the first stop, we will use slew on a defined point to regroup.


A .PLN file is provided here: March 12 Community Fly-In Spitfires Over North Africa.pln (2.5 KB)

To use the flight plan, follow these steps:

  1. Download the flight plan to a easy-to-remember location
  2. Open MSFS
  3. Go to the globe
  4. Click “Load/Save” on the bottom of your screen
  5. Click “Load”
  6. Navigate to the downloaded flight plan
  7. Click load.


This is meant to be a fun and informal flight. Everybody is welcome, no matter the amount of experience.


Has anyone used this free mod? If any of you are going to set their sim time to after sunset, this mod looks promising.

I can’t wait for this, let’s goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Thanks to the inimitable @Jummivana and the technical assism from @simtom2!!!


Am excited for all the Spitfire owners… but as I do not own one… all I will see are really fast brownish Bonanzas as they buzz by me… Any chance the devs are going to work on better “similar” representation for what the rest of us see?.. Thanks…

RJ Franck


Ahhhhh, Richard, yes, this is sooooooo needed! Hopefully Asobo/MS are reading this and hopefully the rest of the community are as vocal as you and me about it :).


In the post it says event starts at 20:00z, then further down in same post it says start is 20:45 or 21:00z. So which is it?

Typically, the streaming starts at 20:00 UTC, but there are some introductions and talking/discussions, etc. By the time that is over and they are ready to fly, it will be around 20:45 or 21:00 UTC.


Correct, the first 45 mins or so will be some discussion and instructions, and the actual fly-in will begin around 2100Z. Thanks for checking!


As Twotonemurphy would say… it is going to be epic

I guess the model matching ist not something that MS/Asobo will ever provide, unfortunately.
They cannot use the models from payware but also won’t create new ones for multiplayer/AI. I’d rather have them build proper SDK that supports full model/livery matching than provide a limited set of additional models.

But for VATSIM/IVAO there are already tools and they’re getting better, to not only get models but also liveries matched in the sim. Let’s hope this some day will also work for AI and Multiplayer.

It gonna be surely epic … i’m realy excited

Regarding model matching for third-party planes (including those sold through the in-game marketplace), this question came up on Wednesday’s Dev Q&A stream. IIRC, they said they could do this, but it comes with a performance hit (every aircraft model being displayed requires more memory usage). I know some people value and prioritize things differently, but I personally would rather have the sim run smoothly but with generic plane models than to see all the multiplayer aircraft displayed accurately but at a lower frame rate. YMMV, of course.

Well, if there was some SDK for it, there could be tools where you pick which models you want to be available and map them to the various model names.
For a Fly-In like this, it would be sufficient to have one model supported on top of the default ones, so the performance impact wouldn’t be that big.

There is plenty of room between basically no model matching and each and every player has an own detailed model with full LOD :slight_smile:

I think there are a few keen ones already here at HECA - and a few moving towards 23L :slight_smile:

Look at all those Pipers with their nose gear in the air. They can’t wait to fly. Or were Cubs in their previous life…

Thank you for this beautiful flight with you. I’m happy to be back.

Great fun at the Fly-In :slight_smile: