[Official] Thrustmaster Airbus Community Stream with AeroNewsGermany, Chewwy94, LondonController

Hello everyone! Short notice on this, but we’ve got a special community stream happening today in approximately one hour from the time of this post!


Sponsored by Thrustmaster, we’ll have a live demo of their newly updated TCA Airbus Edition sidestick and throttle. Joining us will be Thrustmaster Ambassadors Chewwy94 and LondonController plus YouTuber AeroNewsGerman, an IRL Airbus pilot!

Flight Details:

Aircraft: Airbus A320
Departure airport: LFFL
Destination airport: LOWI
Server: SE Asia
Start time: 1900Z
Where: MSFSOfficial Twitch

Pilots can download the .pln file here:
LFLLLOWI_MFS_02Nov22.pln (9.3 KB)