[OFFICIAL] Weekly Dev Update Screenshot Challenge - Night Skies

SR-72, against the night sky

JMB VL-3, heading for the moon

Hi all! I love sunset :heart_eyes:

Good luck, sincerly,


To the moon…

Tasmanian Lighthouse

Night in the Australian desert

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River visual 19, KDCA

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Isla de Pascua. I took this screenshot a short walk from my hotel and took this on the date that I watched the sunset in real life. Venus was there, and I saw Mercury for the first time in my life there because it’s always too close to the horizon at sunset for me to see it at home. But anything’s possible when your view extends out over the vast Pacific Ocean. Unfortunately, planets aren’t in the sim…yet.

Also, Mauna Kea observatory with clouds right at eye level. You can go to the top and watch the sunset, which I had the privilege of doing in 2019. This screenshot was also set to the day I was there and was taken from the spot where I stood. The only thing that is not accurate is the time, because the observatory wants everybody off the top when it gets fully dark, so I would have left before this point in the sunset. In real life, there are no lights at the top, nor on the road heading down the mountain in order to avoid light pollution (which is why it’s at the top of the mountain in the first place). But thanks to the sim, we can imagine what kind of beauty that observatory must see every night.