Offline AI Traffic Logic is Broken and needs fixing

The logic used by offline AI traffic is very bizarre. I’ll give some examples of problems I am encountering.:

  • AI Aircraft will do full 360 degree turns on the ground. This happens pretty much anywhere when the plane is moving slowly or stopped.
    If it’s a busy time at the airport and there are around 5 or 6 airplanes queuing behind the hold short line, at least 2 of them will just be spinning around, for whatever reason.
    This also happens after an aircraft has landed, where as it slows down to exit the runway, the AI just makes the plane spin around in a circle, which firstly delays all takeoffs, and secondly means that any inbound aircraft have to go around until the AI snaps out of it or despawns, which further clogs up the airspace.

  • This brings me onto point 2. Speeds of takeoff and landing. When the AI is on an active runway, it will take it’s sweet time. Either it taxi’s really slowly to the threshold on takeoff and sits there for about half a minute before starting the takeoff roll, or it slows down to a crawl after landing which means it takes ages to clear the runway and often causes go around. Both of these need to be sped up.

  • Thirdly, AI falls short of the glideslope a lot of the times, meaning it lands literally on the threshold, or even on a displaced threshold.

  • Another thing I have noticed is that the separation of aircraft on final is very small and non realistic. Ususally, when aircraft 1 lands, aircraft 2 has to go around, and it is an alternating cycle.

  • Finally, when going around, aircraft stay at very low altitudes, and their turns are off. For example, when the aircraft is turning left, it will be rolling right and vice versa. This has also happened with general departing aircraft.


Your points are 100% valid and all of them add up to create a frustrating experience. A few days ago I downloaded the AIG live traffic app. It works very well for what it does, which is to produce inbound and outbound traffic.

Unfortunately, when you factor in the bugs you perfectly summarized, all that work goes out the window. I put a drone camera at the end of the runway at KLAS and watched as one plane landed and the next had to go around… over and over.

And for you aswell, we alread have a specific thread for this:

Please leave a vote!


Also…for me, and I’m betting there are others….AI Offline traffic tanks my FPS by about 10- 20. Turn it off and FPS immediately shoots back up to normal. This seems to be a SU7 issue for me, I’m almost certain it wasn’t happening prior.

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