Offline or live traffic to increase GA traffic?

Hello everyone,

Just a quick question… Which setting is best for GA traffic in the sim? I’m currently using live traffic (as that is the default) but my local airports are deserted. There are some parked planes but I never see any landing or taking off.

For instance, YSBK (Bankstown airport in Sydney) is a GA aircraft hub and is bustling in the real world. In the sim, however, I often feel like I’m the only pilot!

As I’m currently doing a lot of short trips and bush trips in FS, any advice on how to increase GA traffic (or any mods you would recommend?)

Thanks so much :slight_smile:

I use offline traffic. The real traffic data labels are distracting (probably could alter them or turn them off), but the bigger issue for me is trying to land at a busier airport without being told to go around three times.

As for why you’re not seeing live GA traffic, that could be related to how the traffic info is reported. If it’s reported by transponders, then I would think you’d see more. But if it’s ADS-B, then I suspect that many smaller planes simply don’t have that installed. It’s a newer, and I’m guessing more expensive technology. I’ve seen marketing websites that advertise it as an option, but that’s on planes like the latest TBM.