Offline Text to Speech for ATC - Is this only available for US English?

It clearly states that An English Text to speech pack is required. I’m in the UK and have the UK English text to speech pack installed in the OS (hence why the Offline option shows up) but in the Sim there is no audio from ATC. If I install the US English one it works fine. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? No disrespect to my US Cousins, but I don’t want to be hearing the US voices when I’m flying around the UK. Any advice would be much appreciated. (Azure seems to be US voices only also?)

Any help or advise on the offline atc speech would be appreciated :pray:t2:

I have only discovered this thread today.

If you search for official advice on “Language pack” on the Zendesk support site for MSFS it throws up some interesting requirements for installation of MSFS… they indicate that the “US English language” pack is required for all versions of MSFS.✓&query=language+pack

This surprised me and somewhat more than answers the question you posed here. I guess to fully ensure MSFS is installed properly then this is a requirement.

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Thanks for this, I hadn’t seen that section before. All a bit mixed in terms of what’s said in that zen desk note and what it says on the instructions, but really appreciate your help :pray:t2:

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