Offline - What am I missing?

Whenever I turn off multiplayer, I get taken offline. I’m trying to figure out what exactly happens when offline. I ask only because live weather seems to be active (not grayed out), I still see traffic, ATC seems okay, and I have access to the marketplace.

I can’t really tell if photogrammety is off or not - the game still looks great.

Any idea what gets disabled when offline?

From what I understand via an exchange I had with @CasualClick, its only indicating your Multiplayer status.

In short, when you turn off Multiplayer, you will set your status to “Offline”, which is gamerspeak for hiding your online presence from other seeing you’re, uh, online right now. It shouldn’t have any bearing on what other functions you’ve got enabled, such as Bing, photogrammetry, weather, real-time traffic, etc.

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I asked this a couple of weeks back, thinking my system was not connecting correctly, it turns out as mentioned above, its only the multiplayer role that goes offline, the system is really still online and connected to servers.

Its the Multiplayer option in general settings that controls this.

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As well as the above, you can also tell because the window below “offline” message indicates that you are still connected to a particular server.

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The regional servers you see yourself connected to are for MP only. Nothing else. People make huge deals about these servers when having other network issues (Azure, MP, weather, etc), but those other services are independent of the MP login servers.

So if you turn off MP, you’ll see yourself as Offline for MP only. You can’t see other players, they can’t see you, and friends won’t see you on the world map. Nothing else. All other online services work as expected.

Thanks to everyone for the replies. It’s a relief knowing this is not hindering the other game features.

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You do have the option for “friends only” and group/club as well. They can be handy too.

I keep mine at Group Only so I can team up with people I want to fly with quickly. I don’t care about seeing other MP planes.

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