Often asked, unclear answers, here are the answers: MS Store to Steam

So I purchased MSFS 2020 on Steam, I already have it from the MS Store but I am unable to create a profile in Nvidia, my flight stick etc because the exe file is locked. I am super happy to be able to make profiles in Nvida and for my stick, finally.

Also I prefer to have my games on Steam for housekeeping.

So what happens when you buy Steam version and already own MSFS 2020 and log in with the same Xbox profile?

Absolutely no progress carried over, you start from zero.

None carry over, you have to redo the graphics settings, control bindings etc.

None carry over, if you bought something in the market place it does not carry over despite having the same Xbox profile.

Hope this helps, ask me if you are considering doing this.

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You can, please see “NVidia Settings” in any of:

My 2070 SUPER 4K settings and suggestions - episode 2
My 2070 SUPER VR settings and suggestions (Index - SteamVR)
My 2070 SUPER VR settings and suggestion (Reverb G2 - WMR)

Does not work for me. Unlocked user settings in Windows, changed advanced settings on exe and as soon as I select exe it says no permission. I can see the folders and files but Windows does not let me use the exe

This is not what the “NVidia Settings” chapter indicated above are talking about at all. You might want to read again?

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Wow this place I am withdrawing topic, it does not work for me to creat profiles in nvidia or anything that uses msfs exe.