Oh boy

I’m not even sure where to begin. This new patch brought some very interesting issues… but also some nice fixes.

I’ve only flown the airbus so far and well… it was a little rough. Screens AND dome/panel lights kept turning off on me mid-flight. Random buttons and things were being hit/turned off on me without any assistance features on… I also couldn’t change any sensitivity settings for my yoke and rudder pedals. Clicking on sensitivity leads to an empty screen.

I like to use the in-game ATC, and it was super disappointing when I had to just shut my radios off all together because every com radio kept randomly tuning into the closest ATIS and it was so rapid to repeat I couldn’t select ANY response to the in-game ATC instructions. Fixing the phraseology and changing the voices seemed to break ATC all together.

This patch seemed promising but seemed to reek a little havoc… but there were some good things. I especially like that the winds actually vary and aren’t 270 @ 3 around the whole world anymore. I expected higher winds aloft, but I’m sure that might be a work in progress.

Just some of my issues and thoughts ok this patch. Overall it kind if made things a little worse in my eyes. But I still won’t stop playing of course