Oh man..put me out to pasture

Now that we have this new update and it took hours to download. I start MSFS2020 select which aircraft to fly and the airport and press “FLY” …20 minutes later and it still has not loaded. What’s up DOC???
Somebody…anybody give me a clue. I had this working so well before this update and now…its once again screwed.


Boy has this been screwed up. The FBW A320 does not work it is impossible to click on the buttons and the list goes on and on. Every time there is an update there are nothing but problems. All because of the X-Box !!!


Every time there is an update there are nothing but problems. All because of the X-Box !!!

So all of the problems on previous updates from before there was an Xbox version were also because of the Xbox somehow?

Anyway you’re complaining about a third party add-on aircraft. While it would be nice if Asobo brought third party developers into the loop before updates a bit more than they expect it, add-ons take a bit of time to get sorted out most every update and it’s up to FBW to fix their “product.”


Any 3rd party addons are basically mods, what game has ever existed where a patch didn’t break mods ?
This should just be expected and I’d guess at least for paid mods just expect to wait a week or so depending on the complexity of the Addon.


clear out the community folder

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I had the same issue. My culprit was Bijan Summer/Winter. Needed to be updated to v6.

@ AverageFellas12 That was the exact program that i had issues with also. Removed that, and this stopped my particular CTD’s (although i have had about 2 sinse, very few.

Same here. Had no chance to fly since the update. Literally endless loading times. Very sad

Yup, that one stopped the program dead from loading

This. Mine was empty. Had a shortcut for it that I deleted though and seemed to help some things. Weird lol. Also after several restarts of my pc a lot of things smoothed out.


I have had problems before - after updates, but not like this. Both the Asobo A320 and the FBW A320 are unusable. Only got MSFS2020 to load after clearing my community folder which only contained bought addons, which are mostly available in the markerplace as well. What the hell have they done. No previous update was this BAD. This amount of destruction had to be to accomodate the X-BOX.

MICROSOFT and ASOBO when can we expect a fix,…and I mean a proper fix. I want to know who is checking these updates before they are released, because in my opinion they are useless.

I had MSFS2020 singing and dancing before this F*&^&^%&^% update.


One of the first things I tested after updating to 5 was the Asobo A320neo. It not only loaded fully with no problems, it flew around nice and smooth, no stutters, nothing. Took a loop around Seattle and landed at SeaTac without one single stutter. Butter smooth. So the Asobo A320neo, in fact, is usable after the update.

One thing I did in anticipation of the update in the days leading up to it, after watching the Q&A with the Asobo team, was I undid every change I made to the simulator settings, NVidia settings, Windows settings…everything back to the way it was before I installed MSFS on original launch day. The reason I did this was because I understood that they had reworked a lot of the main simulator engine, I knew the performance was going to be massively improved, and I thought with my IT experience, “Hey…I should just revert back to pre-MSFS settings for everything and when the update comes out, I’m at the bare-bones beginning.” Lo and behold, after the update, everything was butter – no config changes needed, no special software running…just MSFS on its own.

I literally just got done flying around Seattle and Puget Sound area for 45 minutes, trying every weather setting, time of day, and aside from the clouds and sky looking a little oddly different in an unidentifiable way, I didn’t have one single problem, it looked extremely realistic, it was smooth the entire time. Before the update, I could never get it to run smooth at all on this system, so I would fly a short bit and then land because it gave me a headache. Now, after the update, I keep wanting to fly more and I have to force myself to quit simming because I have other things I need to do.

So here is what I think might help you: Undo every change to every setting you made in order to get MSFS “singing and dancing” before the update. Don’t run RivaTuner or MSI Afterburner. Bring your system back to pre-MSFS, clear you DirectX shader cache, and reinstall and try again.

Tomorrow a hotfix comes out to take care of some CTD’s and other issues that popped up after the rollout. Wait until then.

I do not run RivaTuner or MSI Afterburner and never have. Howcome can I not click on the buttons in the cockpit and when I put the mouse cursor on it the buttons they go blue and a popup window appears. This never happened before. Reinstall…I did that a month ago and will not do it again.

Okay. Good. You don’t and won’t need it.

The answer to that question can be found in the release notes, which I will not link here because there are too many threads with the same link for the same question, but you can find those easily on the forums here.

Well, then I guess you’re stuck by your own stubbornness to a problem you don’t need to have then, because MS/Asobo are not going to overhaul everything or revert the whole sim back just for your personal choices – nor should anyone else.

Regardless, I’m not being paid by a company to help people, so I’m not obligated to stay with someone who wants to complain and argue about the problem instead of taking the necessary actions to solve the problem. On occasion, I used to just “accidentally” hang up on people like that. On here, I can just…click away and never respond to you again with absolutely zero repercussions. :smiley:

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The FBW A320 works perfectly for me. Just make sure you have the Dev version and set the controls to legacy in Accessibility so the mouse works as it did before the update.

That’s an excellent post! Very detailed and thought out. Solid.

Edit: I was actually referring to the one above where you describe doing a “reset” to conditions and settings prior to this update.

Thank you for putting the time effort into that, it will definitely help some folks.

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I didn’t have the issue for a couple of days. Shortly after switching sections to Legacy mode I started getting them. Switch back to default and no crash.

You note to delete a couple of folders. The game should be uninstalled before deleting the folders.

In a nutshell everything that is wrong with this community at the minute. It’s so childish