Oh no, Steam VR has encountered an unexpected problem

Is anybody else periodically experiencing this error message? It’s coming up every so often for me and forces me to stop VR and restart it. I’m using Index with 32GB RAM, Ryzen 5 3600, 2080 Super.


Steam VR failed for me today. No idea why as I had made zero changes since I last was in the sim. I had to uninstall then reinstall steam VR and that sorted it.

Sharing in case useful


I have been seeing large hangs in FS2020 (>5s) which triggers SteamVR’s watchdog (for detecting hangs) and causes the compositor to exit (which looks like a crash) and pops up this message. It seems to happen with newer Nvidia drivers. Consensus seems to agree that 457.30 is the best driver to use currently with FS2020. I’m on the Windows Insider Preview which keeps installing newer drivers for me automatically, which I usually don’t notice until I start getting these hangs again.

Oh that’s interesting, I do indeed have the newest driver installed. Will try to roll back.

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