OIGG- ILS missing!

I remember in beginning of msfs-2020 ,this airport had ILS.as you can see on little map!
but I don’t know what happened as they up dated the sim it’s not working anymore! I tried to bring it back. but I don’t know how can I do it. if you know anything about to bring ILS back?

I did all the work in these two tutorials. I searched a lot in the discussions about this … but I still have not found a solution to return ILS to OIGG airport!
[017] Creating An Airport - Working ATC and ILS - Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 SDK Tutorials

[018] Creating An Airport - Improving ILS with Scenery - Microsoft Flight Simulator 20 SDK Tutorials

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Judging from the icon it looks like you’re using Navigraph? if so, perhaps reach out to the Navigraph team?

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After the latest update, All flight plan has no ILS. The aircraft is 787. Seems they broke something again.:thinking::pensive:

Hey Bamzi,

The ILS is working. It’s just not in the flightplanner (which is one of the many bugs in that thing).

Select VORDME27 as approach and then manually punch in the ILS frequency in the flightcomputer. You have to turn on the approach button in the airplane pretty late though… else it seems to miss the localizer.

Nice approach, over the mountains… better ignore ATC though :slight_smile:

Edit: to be complete, I was using the FBW Airbus, not the Asobo one…

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No, I’m not using Navigraph.

Hey ememPilot

thank you very much for your help I did it and it worked… :pray: :pray: :pray:

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