Ok, day number 3, I officially LOVE this Flight Sim!

It took me a few days to figure out the menus (NOT because I’m a dweeb, I work LONG hours and have very little time during the work week) BUT I got ALL the help I needed right here in these forums and in others around the flight sim community, and NOW I am finding it hard to turn it off, warts and all.

Don’t misunderstand, I think there is a LOT of room for improvement, BUT I just flew a a flight form Tacoma Narrows (Orbx) to SeaTac with full ATC, live traffic, live weather (overcast) and the Bing graphics, all with the map on my second monitor, and I am blown away.

NO, its not FSX with Uber graphics, it’s BETTER!!

It’s just going to take awhile to get to know this sexy lady, BUT once we do, the possibilities are endless!!

I say 2 thumbs up and 3 snaps in a circle!!

WELL DONE Microsoft!!

PS: How the HELL do I turn on Progressive Taxi??? OR at least call a “Follow Me” car??


It’s day 3 already. Wow time flies.

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