OK graphic settings for my "weak system"?

First of all - wow! MS must have done something big with this sim since I touched it the last time. Now it’s actually playble and the stutter I seen before is gone (could have to do with me getting a gsync monitor too).

Anyway…with this system, would you say I should lower mer things or risen some (if it does not harm the performance).

Ryzen 1600 clocked to 3.8 (High Performance in Win 10)
GTX 1050 Ti, slightly overclocked
16 Gb 3000mhz mem
LG 27GL83A screen

Heres my settings: https://imgur.com/a/XCN9gkn

It’s absolutely possible to run FS on ‘lower’ graphics end PC systems. I have an i7 laptop with admittedly 32GB RAM (note: FS only uses 16GB max), a 500GB SSD, but a really bad gaming card (P1000 CAD 4GB VRAM, equivalent of a 1060 or so).
Much like you I tweaked my settings around and found I could run with most settings on medium, LOD’s 80, but render scaling set at 75% of 1080HD so rendering at 1400x810 but upscaled to output at 1080. The thing is, FS still looks great even on a 15" laptop screen and runs smoothly for me. I also found extra smoothness (panning in cockpit) by having HAGS (in windows) turned on (unlike some people have found on higher end systems).
The GPU sits at 100% most of the time but CPU in the 30’s%. It’s very usable like this and looks great all things considered. My GPU fan doesn’t agree with me though! :rofl:

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Set weather few clouds park up at KLAX and adjust settings for a stutter free 24 fps.

With these settings you should be able to fly anywhere but be careful of thick clouds in live weather.

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I’ve got similar specs and similar settings.
Get those clouds up a level or two. I’ve got clouds on high level and windscreen on low.

Ok. How do I set 24 fps? Do you mean lock to 24pfs or just getting something around that?

Just getting something close but I wouldn’t go under 20. Now I don’t have gsync so cant say if you will benefit but I find enabling Vsync in NVCP without capping framerates works best for me (with the added benefit that it never goes above my monitors 60Hz refresh rate even in the menus).

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Do you use a particular gate or runway to spawn in that you are looking towards a particularly dense area?

Which aircraft do you use for this as they obviously have different impacts upon FPS?

Thanks, a useful tip.

Not too busy a gate and certainly not in multiplayer, KLAX is hard enough on it’s own without interference. Test in the aircraft you usually fly in.

Ok thanks. Will be interesting to see how it compares to EDDF. I have always found Frankfurt to be an absolutely frame hog, far worse than any payware airport I have.

I haven’t tried EDDF, I use KLAX only because I never had scenery glitch stutters there which can happen.

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I’ll give it it try for sure. I’d be interested to see how you find Frankfurt.

Straight up the A3, takes about 2 hours in my car :rofl:

I’d probably just use google, quicker than driving I bet.

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Can u see fps without using Geforce Expericene, MSI Afterburner or similar? Can fsp be view “in game” ?

Anything else in my settings you directly think I should look over and change, or any other settings?

EDDF ramp 24 is a couple of fps easier on my system than KLAX ramp 150 however I think I will use it in future as with my current set up I get the same 40 fps from all angles while KLAX swings between 37 and 40. Testing in a default 152 btw just to be sure the glass panel doesn’t interfere

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Ive not done the KLAX test yet, but raised clouds (much better look) and lowered Windscreen effect to LOW: Not sure what I gained or lost in fps though.

Anyway… I just flew between to cities in Sweden. I got a bit confused though, since the trip took around 1H and 10M, the info I got at the end of the flight was that I had flown for 13 minutes. Not sure whats going on really… Also the airport I was departing from is not shown, only arrival ESGP. Not sure at all what “Vicinity” is. The name is Landvetter. Is there data missing or…whats going on? Are the navlog clock used to calculite time? Never used it in a correct way (still learning, fellows).

Also some other thoughs…and questions (too lazy to start a new thread about this and you seem to be helpful). When Im getting closer to the Airport Im travling to, is it really the pilot thats contacting the tower? I thought the new I was on my was and was going to contact me. I vas using vfr with vor on this trip (not sure if its called gps too, but it wasnt direct - gps).

The GUI (ATC, Map etc) - could these elements (in cockpit) be hidden easily by pressing a dedicated button on the keyboard or joystick? Would be nice…for example when you should land, the last minutes etc. Want to hide these stuff easily then.

This was actually my “longer” (its not that long, but hey…) flight. Yes, i used marks to find my way, and the landing guide. I need that as a rookie.

So… ESGJ to ESGP is done with the older, larger Cessnas big brother. Not sure how reallistic that plane is but if feels quite stable in the air. (no assists on that).

Is there a “DCS-sort of kind” way to see the plane swoooshing by from external camera?

Oh…oh…almost forgot!! How do I set the POV of my 3D PRO Extreme (oh, its sooo pro) to watch outside not straight to the left or right, but more…could it be 45 degrees? Tried to make that work but no input was detected. =(

Cheers! =)

If you started te flight in dev mode that part won’t show, instead it will pick the “vicinity” of the nearest AP to when you switched

As far as contacting ATC or them you. I imagine that might depend on where you are flying, the flight plan you logged and if nothing else then how bored a controller might be. I’m sure a RL pilot can explain a lot more about protocol than I ever could,