Ok, now I see what all the fuss was about!

I now understand why Jorg was so excited about releasing the DEM for the Switzerland with World Update 6.

The combination of the high resolution terrain DEM for the Bernese Alps, along with crisp photorealistic ground textures plus the atmospheric environment engine is absolutely breathtaking. Out of the nearly 500 hours I’ve spent in MSFS, today’s flight around Jungfrau absolutely takes the cake of the highlight of my simming experiences to date! :cake:

Flightplan file is linked below for those who wish to trace the route, but for now I’ll let the screenshots to the talking:



It’s gorgeous but the constant terrain morphing of steep terrain is horrible and immersion breaking.


Wonderful pictures!
I did I similar flight two days ago, and made this video…

I agree it looks awesome, but they (Asobo) should do something to reduce the mountain morphing…
I do not consider it a deal breaker, but is certainly distracting…


Epic video @jfoguet61! I wonder if the slower airspeed of the piston single (flying around 120 knots IAS) helps with the terrain morphing because I certainly didn’t notice it as much as it appears in your recordings.

Also- where abouts is this lake that appears at 3:19? I’d love to go and visit it!

Thanks for the praise :slight_smile:
Please note that The video was recorded using Flight Replay app., meaning most of the terrain must be already in the local cache, meaning less morphing. Also, I tried to edit out most morphing deffects, to make the video look nicer. Nevertheless morphing can still be clearly seen, and there is a very ugly dark halo in Mt. Zermatt. :frowning:
About the lake (actually there seems to be a dam, so it is artifficial), I found it on the valley descending from Zermatt into Sion. I do not know its name or exact location.

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Thanks for the reply- based off your description I was able to find it on Google Maps. I’ll add this to my future to visit list and continue to experiment with different airplane types in the area to see if it affects terrain morphing for me.

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Your photos are amazing… wish they looked like this in the sim (the morphing of the Alps is just a total immersion killer for me)


Well, Sion is still a horribly drawn airport …


I have
OffscreenTerrainPreCaching quality = ULTRA (3)
and around Lukla, Mt Everest, I don’t see any (hardly, tiny spots) morphing

Neither in flight LOWI to St.Gallen (flying VR)

I have PreCaching to HIGH (2) and as I wrote above, I can see some occasional morphing in the Alps, but it is acceptable for me. Anyway, I am sure that this can be easily fixed (by Asobo) by increasing the draw distance of the high-resolution mesh (it looks to me like the morphing is not because of the textures, but because of the more detailed mesh as you get close to mountains).

Sion is a stock airport, certainly nothing to be excited about.
But the surrondings look very nice (railway tracks, etc.), if you look at the end of my video.

Yep. Switzerland looks great. Austria is ok. The contours of the German Alps still look like drawn by 5-year-old…

There’s an addon by RedWing for Sion including the castle and church in town.

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Yeah I have seen a video and it seems that can help with it but it if you don’t have a top end system it is a big performance hit.
I just really want Asobo to fix it as it has been a year now since it was introduced with WU3 so we can really enjoy some of the fantastic scenery in your shots in flight and VR

I’m assuming that is snow in some of the OP’s pictures? I don’t think it looks right. Instead of snow it looks like melted Swiss cheese. Some of it though is obviously snow. I see the same melted cheese looking snow in the Rocky Mountains West of Denver. So maybe that’s the way Asobo depicts certain areas of snow.

You guys obviously do not fly around using live weather… otherwise you would have noticed that since WU6, whole Switzerland is covered with snow above around 1500m, again ruining the otherwise wonderful scenery after WU6. Really sad that they obviously continue to fail to finall y get things done right the first time…

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Right. Just because live weather isn’t working correctly everything is ruined. :roll_eyes:
Since Asobo hasn’t promised that they fixed live weather for WU6 I don’t see the connection anyway.


I have flown above Berner Oberland the day before WU6, no snow coverage. With WU6, everywhere snow above 1500m, although temps are above 15°C. Coincidence? I doubt, the weather was pre- and post WU6 update almost identical here in Switzerland, so this totay wrong snow coverage was introduced with WU6.

And sorry that I prefer to fly with live weather in those sunny autumn days in Switzerland and not using a preset. But of course, I could simply phantasize snow coverage at 15°C not being an issue, sure…

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in my eyes you simply chose to be unhappy because you refuse to use a workaround for a known problem. If it’s a coincidence or not we will never know but since live weather has never really worked like it should the point is moot. The devs are aware of the problem and are trying to fix it. You can either accept it or not.

Posting your displeasure here and dragging down the optimism and fun of all the others posting here, is just SELFISH of you.

But unfortunately this seems to be the way this forum works at them moment. No matter what the topic is, you will always find some miseable entity who manages to brutally suck the life and joy out of it, so everyone is as miserable as he is. Congratulations.


On the images above the “snow” you can see is just from the satellite aerials. So it’s basically just a sat picture of real snow. Nothing Asobo can do about that. But I’ve been there before and to me it looks quite realistic.

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