Ok so that's why Asobo Downgraded his game on PC?

Yes indeed !
“What Asobo should be doing is rolling back SU4 as a stand alone PC build now” - AGREED


Nope. I like SU5. Good performance. No CTDs. No microstutters anymore. Graphics almost as good as before. Good enough.


Now that you mentioned it I’ve always found the lack of brightness, contrast and gamma settings to be a bit off-putting. I feel like a good portion of my experience could be improved if they had those settings easily accessible in-game

Are you using a console or an “older” PC?
I had perfect flying on my new (3.5 weeks old) PC with a mix of Ultra and High settings

(My previous PCs were not for Sims - only had integrated graphics.)

It was only MSFS’s 2020 highly realistic version that made me spend too much money on the new PC.

like this?
i finn thsi pretty good, i am happy with what i see

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Since it’s unlikely they will be added soon (I would be really surprised if they’re added before SU6, and also surprised if they show up that soon), you can do a semi-workaround with NVIDIA Freestyle.
Not a dramatic difference with my settings, but it really does help quite a bit. Won’t help with everything out the window being near-white when you look at the dashboard, though.

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High end pc - graphics look better to me with this update.

Different people will get different results, especially if they are on older hardware. Doesn’t mean Asobo “dumbed down” pc graphics.


It’s considerably more noticeable and worse in SU5. This is due to them reducing draw distances.


They reduced the draw distance on PC by a large margin. which is something everyone gets hit with.

Even Ultra Terain and Object LOD is just a fraction of what it was before SU5.


I’m really starting to think that much of the low resolution and poor photogrammetry loading is due to not enough network bandwidth. I did a speed test while flying in a photogrammetry area and I was pulling 96 mb download speeds. Yet MSFS was giving me notices that I did not have enough bandwidth to keep streaming data. I have awful resolution and everything looks like complete ■■■■! Definitely not on my end being able to hit speeds right at 100mbs. Never had issues before with data. Now if this is because the servers are busy then they need more server capacity. They shouldn’t be providing awful experiences to their users after they hyped and hyped so much over the graphical fidelity. I am honestly about to give up on them.

Before SU5

Just now (after SU5)

best looking game ever right?


While i’m disatisfied with the changes made, the issue you are showing @somethingbrite is the sim not loading high quality terrain from Bing and/or missing a world update. this is more related to server load i believe.


and they didn’t know there was going to be extra demand when they launched on xbox? they didn’t have months to prepare for this over at microsoft?

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I’m just saying its a temporary problem, that hopefully should resolve itself soon.

The real issues are the PC version having a fraction of the draw distances and various other graphic reductions, even at ultra. Not to mention a plethora of UI and control issues due to a rework of how mouse controls work, even in legacy mode.

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So we live in hope that nobody plays the game and it is so unpopular that it looks nice again one day?

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You are now twisting my words and trying to get some reaction out of me.

If you want to know where i stand you can go to my profile and see one of the posts i made, you will see i’m firmly in the camp that is unsatisfied with SU5 and the graphical changes.

My worry are the aforementioned changes by me, as they seemingly have been made to match the xbox version. They might not be a bug and a graphics downgrade by design. (ie. Something they might not fix as its a “feature”…)

Your issue is a bug, that will fix itself, it sucks, but not the end of the world.

Edit: if i caught the tone of your message wrong, i appologize.


Sorry. I didn’t mean to either twist your words nor cause offence and you are absolutely right, this is server load related, but that is part of my point. This disturbing realization dawned upon me as I was flying today that due to the streamed and live data nature of the sim it may in fact never work, the core concept is flawed.

If it’s not popular enough for the servers to not be overwhelmed then it looks great and works great, but possibly it’s not drawing in enough revenue to justify the cost of the servers.

If it’s popular enough to pay for the servers, it may never again work properly.


I have a low grade system and I am not happy! I deleted the A32NX like they said still had problems with invalid livery. Then deleted the com folder. The Cj4 flies almost 2hours no problems put in only one mod. The workingtitle-aircratf-cj4 that was updated after this upgrade. Got the same red screens. I look at the livery’s supplied with the game they are different. All of the repaints I have are no longer use-able. These guys are out for the $ and this is proof.

Apologies if you’ve already checked this - but can you go to Settings > General > Data and check the both bing and photogrammetry are switched on? Some people have found it’s switched off for them even if they had it on previously.

Two other things you should test:

  • Resetting your data connection by going to Settings > General > Data and turning off Online Functionality, then saving, then back on, then saving, then restart the sim
  • Resetting your data cache (if enabled): go to Settings > General > Data and delete rolling cache, then you need to initialise it again by switching it back on on the same page, clicking save, and waiting while it initialises, then restart the sim. If you have previously set up a manual cache of some regions, do the same with those
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Sounds 100% like the sim disabled Bing Data. It happened to me and I had to go re-enable it.