Ok so that's why Asobo Downgraded his game on PC?

Can you show us what you think is compromised?

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I don’t need to, there are plenty of images, and videos on a number of threads that illustrate this clearly.

Who is they?

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I’m not going to help you read a forum, I’ll leave that up to you to decide. Either you want to look at the evidence that many people have presented, or you don’t. There is a search button at the top right.



Hey, and even here :grinning:

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That’s not very respectful…

I appreciate your effort to defend Microsoft and Asobo.
But you are acting funny: you are kinf of asking the users to proove that earth is not flat. :slight_smile:
The fact that MFS2020 has been downgraded to fit into Xbox is obvious, please just watch the cloud, the landscape poping, the photogrametry poping up onlt a couple of meters before, the colours which are now washed out.
But forget our discussion, I do not think you will ever come to an agreement with me…

The very very very interesting thing is since the last update Microsoft & Asobo are completely silent.
I think it would be very useful to have a Dev Q&A video live in the very short term.
So that they can explain what and why they did it.
As simple as that.
It will cut all the discussions and be a professionnal compant communication.


And when they plan to undo it.

quote from another thread:

“We tuned the distances, the draw distances, of objects and the way the LOD’s are being used in order to minimise the number of meshes and textures in memory at the same time.”

no downgrade? thats what asobo stated themselves. They literally tell at the 15th minute mark how they downgraded it, so i dont need no whiteknights telling me “how good it looks”


They are just as white as the new oversaturated whites since the Update.
Just kidding. I genuinely believe that people stating it looks fine for them are not lying in any way. Why should they? My guess is, they were used to play the sim prior to SU5 in lower settings, so they were not able to see the Sim with its full potential. Therefore, saying the Sim hasn’t been downgraded is just as wrong as attacking people who are satisfied with the new Update.


Where am I doing this? Nowhere am I saying that people may not send in their issues. Is posting a beautiful picture the same as defending MicroSobo? I try to push back a bit against the ranting, name calling, conspiracy talk. That’s something entirely different.

Why do you take people that are complaining more serious than those who aren’t? I’ve posted evidence pictures from people who don’t think SU5 degraded visually. Are those pictures faked? No! Are the pictures from people who are disappointed faked? No! This means that the truth about this is fuzzy. It’s not black/white, zero/null… That’s why we need information so that we can dig together.


That is the only plausible, and sane, explanation.


I’ve never had issues prior to sim update 5 even when other people complained about issues they were encountering, i was always lucky I guess but I never came onto the forum to discredit those who actually ran into issues. Nobody comes here just for the sake of trolling/trashtalking asobo, especially not if its so much people that open threads complaining about Sim Update 5

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I think this may be me, I certainly did not run the game at highest fidelity, as previous performance never allowed me to.

I think the way to get to the truth is have an access to adobo and devs, let them explain the current expected performance, given changes made for the release of Xbox.

Solution could be as simple as having in game setting options to crank up graphics to previous levels, and accept that performance maybe affected (not expect high frame rate).


And this!

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I will comment: In terms of color balance / saturation / contrast etc, there’s there’s virtually no difference between pre-SU5 and SU5 in these before/after videos. eg. The sky is exactly the same shade and intensity of blue. the water is the same color and shade. The white paint on the upper wings is virtually the same; runway grey color is the same. Grass is the same. And tree objects extend actually further into the far distance then they do in SU4!
There is a slight difference in the map & buildings – but that’s because some parts of the data being streamed from the Microsoft servers has obviously been changed in places. I do see a bit more pop-in with SU5. The frame rates are much better in SU5 and without the stuttering that occurs in pre-SU5.

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I had no idea that we had so many giants of the tech industry who are also simmers commenting in this forum. Given the number of experts pontificating in multiple threads about what is wrong, what should be fixed and how quickly, whilst also casting aspersions on the morals and motives of those responsible, I simply cannot understand why it has taken since 1977 to get even close to a technology of this complexity…the rest of us have been waiting for you - where have you all been?


Beside the heated reaction from the community about this update, you would say that the U5 didn’t came with a huge problem that is more than borderline ?