Ok, What Just Happened? All my settings are gone

So I just started MSFS up and next thing I know it’s showing me page 1 of 5 on some accessibility settings. My thought was is that there might had been some update applied while I was not watching the screens during startup. Another thought was that I could have accidentally hit some key or keys during startup of the game. So, things on the in-game toolbar had changed. I had 2 or 3 different throttle configurations, now there’s only the default it apparently just created. Looks like most of the logbook is there, but seems like there should be more recent filghts than it is showing. Anyone else have this happen? forums history shows one person had the pretty much same issue back in 2022 but his settings did not come back nor did mine after full restart of the sim. Any idea what the deal could be? as the previous guy said, it will take hours to get everything back the way it was.The first thing it prompted me for was the graphics setting, it recommended the one before the highest setting. Thanks

Is this the post you saw, is it the same issue?

Same happened to me at the weekend. No way to recover my old settings. I’ve had to assign everything again.

Same here… profiles for peripherals were still there but needed to be activated. Unfortunately the other settings were default. Annoying.

Some folks have had luck with this response:

No, the one I saw was here …

Yeah. This brings me back to the old days when every update required me to mess with all the settings to get the Sim running acceptability again. Now it’s just trying to remember what I had selected. With everything saved on the server side, how does this happen? There should be a restore option like windows has.

Ok, so after starting the sim a few more times I began to notice my saved settings showing back up. The day I posted this, they were not there- it was only the default controls. I had to redo some small things, like the way the toolbar was and zoom speed, etc. but it is back pretty much the way it was. Server/authentication hickup I guess.