Okay, About These Updates and Scenery Add-ons

The way I understand it items in the Community folder (n this case liveries and scenery add-ons) take precedence over the same items in the Official folder. If that’s the case then is there any sense in removing all that prior to doing an official base patch/update? I have no add-one such as .cfg tweaks nor anything that changes the way the sim operates, it’s just scenery and liveries in there - and I intend to keep it that way.

My thought is of course unless there are changes made to the scenery at or around the area my add-one made changes, it may or may not be noticeable, in which set I’d simply go back into my Community folder and remove the offender. I’m more concerned about major issues that cause CTD’s and the like if one doesn’t remove items from the Community folder. Does this apply to scenery and liveries as well before an update/patch? Other than something appearing possibly goofy with the scenery is it something that would cause the sim to get corrupted in any way?

I thank you all in advance!

I can only speak for my self… I know some people have problems updating, and even installing the game. I have none…
I have always updated through MS-Store, and then from the game itself.
I have never removed any files from community folder and updates have worked just fine.
While game is updating, it doesn’t load the files in the community folder.
After the update, you really need to restart the game, and then you have all your mods and liveries working as they should.
But you should always think about if all the mods are needed after the update, if you have many scenery fixes or something like that…

Thanks! I follow the same procedure as well so I’m not gonna sweat it.