Old good Live Weather with pics! (Asobo, give an option to bring it back)

nasty cauliflower clouds in the middle


Are you flying over an erupting volcano?


we don’t have the same eyes


Not even a picture. Only the statement of cloud coverage that a sensor finds above the weather station. If it’s really calm winds a small cloud could make the weather station report overcast.

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To be fair, you see those clouds in the sim less than you used to, and only under certain light. And of course towering CU CAN look this way in reality, with a strong updraft and side lighting to make shadows. Just a few Google examples:


Just for the record. No surprises. Updated to SU10. Tested live weather out of EIWT Dublin. The post SU7 horror clouds are still resident over Dublin Airport. And within a few seconds of take-off the entire cloudscape shifted and reshaped in the blink of an eye. Live weather has been duly switched off again and my fading hopes turn to SU11.

Otherwise SU10 has been relatively successful insofar as I haven’t noticed anything broken. TAA remains in place of DLSS (the latter produces too much shimmering and odd effects over water). Generally smooth but a handful of stutters that I haven’t had in some time (admittedly I’ve been out of busy Dublin for a while).

SU10 has fixed the issue I was having with throttle control not working on payware Aerolite 103 (it had been broken in a recent update).

Oh and I’m enjoying the new turbulence really brings the flight to life.

Most are from Fall 2020


You mean like this? :slight_smile:

No worry, it’s from October 2020 :wink: