Old Guy with new controllers - and problems (Honeycomb Alpha and Bravo)

I have a fairly “middle of the road” setup, as follows

  • Acer Nitro 5, i7 10something cpu, RTX 1660 GPU, 32 gig RAM, curved nondescript monitor
  • Logitech Radio stack
  • Honeycomb Alpha and Bravo
  • Thrustmaster Airbus Edition Sidestick
  • Nondescript mouse
  • tactile short keyboard
    I haven’t done much (read any) simming since I got the Alpha and Bravo.
    I’ve installed the, set up the necessary switches and levers and knobs so that I SHOULD be able to fly with them. Watched in the setup to make sure that it shows what each control is doing. I’ve copied/saved the new profiles, and made sure that they are active when I TRY to fly.
    I’ve tried a number of aircraft, and even the AI pilot gets nowhere with them.
    Now, I KNOW that buttons 46 & 47 are the parking brakes, because I’ve seen the setup page flash these two lights when I toggle the parking brakes switch. The throttle doesn’t do anything, although it should.
    In fact, I know I must be doing something wrong, but just can’t work out what it is.

I just had a thought. Could it be that I’ve confused the sim by having the Alpha and Bravos AND the joystick plugged in at the same time? If it is, I think that I might be tempted to smash my forehead with a brick! (no, not really)!
Any Alpha/Bravo users have any ideas?
Any help would be much appreciated.


Hello John,

Could it be that I’ve confused the sim by having the Alpha and Bravos AND the joystick plugged in at the same time?

Yes, it could be exactly this. It is possible to use multiple devices at the same axis but they will also work at the same time, so you will need to put either devices’s switch in a neutral or off position, otherwise they will affect each other. You are mentioning the Alpha and Bravo but you may wish to disable the throttle axis of the Airbus Sidestick, that is also connected? or make sure the throttle is in idle and then use the Bravo throttle.


As a quick test to avoid further frustration, shut the sim down, unplug the stick and just run with the Alpha and Bravo and ensure all is functioning as expected.

If there are still issues, you may want to go as far as just trying the default Alpha and Bravo profiles and then build from there.

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I use Alpha and Bravo and x52 Joystick and Throttle plus of course mouse and keyboard and game pad.
My system works well and all I can say is that I set up the sim with A and B, used it until I was used to them and then added the rest, clearing ALL presets for them, then adding them for any functions they would accept. A long process but necessary.

Thanks, Guys,
I had a brainwave this morning. Thinks “Why don’t I just create a blank profile for the joystick, and then it won’t have any assignments, and that should solve the problem!”
No, it didn’t.
So tomorrow morning (it’s night here right now), I’m going to disconnect the joystick, install the paid version of FSUIPC, and try again.
I’ll keep posting here until I either give up or solve the problem, so every little suggestion helps.

There really is no need for paid software to make this work. You certainly can, but it’s not necessary.

Have you done as suggested a few times and unplugged the stick abs tested just the Aloha and Bravo with default profiles then build up from there ?

As I answered up above, that is tomorrow morning’s first task.