Oled vs LCD (LED) 32" or more

I’ve got a 32" 4K HDR LCD (LG 32GQ950-B) that I’m very happy with for my at-desk setup; anything much bigger than that really needs some dedicated space. :wink:

As for LCD vs OLED; I’m hearing very good things about OLED for its good balance of darks and lights in HDR, which may appeal to you if you fly at night. I mostly fly VFR in daytime in a moderately lit room, so LCD is a fine fit for my setup but I can tell that it doesn’t do its best “darks” at night, because LCDs have limited contrast ratio and have to try to make up for it with “dimming zones”.

The LG OLED42C3 has done really well in gaming TV tests.


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If the TV sits ‘on your desk’ from 2-6" or so behind the yoke, 50-55" will give you the sense of an easily ‘life size’ representation and fill your peripheral vision satisfactorily.

55" is much more common in LED than 50 for choices. The Hisense U7 series has been the bang for the buck king with 2 2.1 HDMI ports and 120hz refresh while being under $1k. They updated to QLED and the price bounced a wee bit to $650 but is now better for viewing angles and is at 144hz. This is probably the best gaming TV on a budget, especially if it’s only being used for gaming and not the family TV. The new QLED version is a TON better than the older LED version(it was like an old TN gaming monitor, 20 degrees off center looked terrible).

After that the LG OLED’s are better buys at or slightly above $1000. I think generally in that busy $1200-$1600 TV market the QLED is a money grab going up against OLED. Even though slightly smaller, the 48" C3 OLED is a great buy if you move up your budget as best for $1000, then next the 55" LG although C3/C4 isn’t going to make much difference(again unless the future family TV as well). I’d only look at those as the three main heroes unless you’re not budget limited.

I have the older U7 LED version, we had just bought a monster for the living room and I compromised on price to add another TV into the cart at the time, 120HZ XBSX had just launched… I LOVE 55" as perfect for this game. I’d give up a little to go to OLED at 48" though if budget demands it. The U7 QLED is now harder to find fault or wont with though than the older LED vs OLED that it was for me at the time. Still works great for PC and XB, but I’ve been shopping. If the QLED version was out I wouldn’t be.

Almost my set up exactly with my 55" Samsung Qled and love it! Many may think this is too close however in reality it works great.

Those Hisense TV’s are perfect for gaming and at a great price point including the Qled version. They also have additional gaming features like freesync and auto low latency mode.

I’ve done the math – that’s about right for “real” angular size of the field of view! :smiley:

It just doesn’t fit on my desk physically so I have a smaller one :wink: :wink:

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Hey, I’m using an LG OLED 42". OLED makes a huge difference. Especially flying at night. Nothing like it. Run a black background on my desktop, have had zero burn-in issues. I’m about 30" away from my monitor and I could probably handle even bigger but 42" is fine. Some may say the text isn’t as sharp as some other computer specific monitors, but for me it’s fine. Will never buy anything else besides OLED in the forseeable future haha

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I can absolutely understand as 55" is a big TV. What I have done to mitigate that is to tilt my desk sideways to the wall a little and mount the TV on the wall. With my yoke and flight stick mounted to a small table I end up back a little farther from the TV but for all other gaming I’m right up there front and center :sunglasses:.

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Yea I have an artiulated wall mount so it can either go flush, come out to the ‘flight desk’ which has adjustable leg height as standard ones were too tall to fit the racing rig too. Luckily it’s utility behind the wall so was easy to brace up and hide everything away.

Although if a 42" OLED could push 2K and look good it would be a great way to get frames back from 4K-at least until 2024 and is still a great size. The 48" OLED is another hero if the $1000 threshold doesn’t go down well with the wife.

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I recently upgraded from a 28" Asus 4K 60Hz display to an Alienware AW3225QF 32" OLED 240Hz curved display.

For my sim station, a massive monitor would affect the aesthetics of the room and that was something I had to be constrained by.

I love this display and I’m particularly pleased with the HDR support. I was frustrated by the blown-out horizons with the Asus. With this display, I can set alternate HDR profiles to take advantage of peak brightness (whites) during day flights or peak darkness (blacks) during night flights.

I couldn’t be happier with it.