OMG...The Smartcam works for me now, and it really seems to be smart

PC Version

Although I haven’t tried to use it in about a week or so and I might have missed it in some patch notes somewhere, but today was the first time the Smartcam worked for me!

  • The Smartcam Target selection stays selected to POI and doesn’t immediately autoswitch away from the selection upon leaving the camera UI window. (I could never get it to stay on the POI selection before.
  • As a result of the above, it now locks onto a POI in the direction I’m looking when using TrackIR. HUGE HUGE HUGE for me.
  • Also, each successive press of the Smartcam button appears to autocycle to the next POI within that view I was looking towards. Again…HUGE for me.
  • When I’m out of range of a POI, only then does the Smartcam Target selection autoswitch back to Flightpath or Active Runway. HUGE HUGE HUGE for me.

I could be late to the party on this one, but I didn’t see recent posts that would have clued me in when I searched for Smartcam.

World Updates have been super frustrating for me, regarding touring. I want to remain in cockpit view for my flights, and I prefer not to fly in 3rd person view. Every time I tried to look at a nearby POI in the newest fancy World Update, the SmartCam would lock onto everything BUT a POI. I hope the Smartcam still works like this after the next Sim Update. I’m looking forward to touring in the next World Update. At least one of the default aircraft or addon aircraft is usually stable after a SU or WU, so I should be able to actually enjoy any new POI’s in the next World Update.

I’m excited for this game again.


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