On ground icing and De-icing trucks

Sitting at the gate currently in icy conditions. Are there any plans to add on ground icing with de-icing trucks? I know it does after take-off, but does icing even affect take-off performance?


Yes, Icing affects take-off performance greatly. There should be at least an option to “remove ice/snow” on the ground handling options if not a full animation with trucks; maybe that could be a very cool paid add-on, but the “remove ice/snow” option should be made available.

maybe de-icing becomes available the same time that windscreen wipers actually clear rain off the windscreen!

External De-icing would be much easier than a working windscreen wiper.

The problem is the functions have not yet been developed for either.

For de-icing truck, a SimObject vehicle would need to be created to do the de-icing tasks, including motions. That’s doable today. What’s likely not doable today would be calling a function as part of the SimObject to select areas to show deicing. But such a function would be possible to develop.

As far as working wiper blades, I assume there’s already a working working wiper blade animation?
If so, then the rain on glass function would need to be modified with a new effect of clearing as the animation passes. Pretty sure that would be quite a bit of work to get to look halfway decent, but, not impossible.

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I am always in when it comes to cool-looking weather rain and snow effects!
Some new icing features like airport de-icing and more and enhanced icing effects (like it was at the release days when the whole plane was frozen over when flying through ice-rain) are always appreciated.

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