On the lighter side of things ... it Works sometimes!

Alright I got up early this morning got coffee etc, started the sim (it started right up) loaded up the airbus and loaded up flightplan cleve to erie.

1st try. - ready for take off start rolling down the run way (making sure all autopilot functions are off) airborn flaps/wheels up, turn to heading of 82 deg and start the flight level out a 5000 feet and start to trim, notice that no matter how much I down trim the plane keeps climbing. Check speed 250 knts, but its still climbing, switch to 3rd person view and notice that the trim wheel, is constantly spining to the up position no matter how much I tell it down (it would move to down but as soon as I let go of wheel it starts to trim up by itself.
–End the game–

2nd try same as above except now the trim wheel isnt acting up, get trimmed proper heading, speed, and altitude. Press to V key to bring up map to check flights progress, Boom Crash to Desktop.

3rd try same as above but this time everything is working correctly on path etc etc press the V key for the map expecting CTD but it didnt lol. Proceed to Erie call tower for landing they give me 24L. Head out over the lake make appropriate turns etc, land (perfect landing I might add lol) tune ground who tells me what gate to use I approach gate and brake. Shut down engines, power etc. Call ground service and ask for baggage, caterer, and jetway, and fuel…

Everything work just as it should (lol) baggage truck rolls up door opens on the 320 catering truck arrives door opens on the back of the plane lifts up to door (and I assume they loaded food no animation for that action but close enough), Jetway manuvers to door, door opens jetway connects.
Fuel truck arrives deploys hose to left side wing and the dialog pops up and I refuel.

Send cargo truck off it moves out of the way, same for caterer truck, and fuel truck. Request jetway be cleared and it rolls away and the door closes. Request push back and the little man comes out and starts pushing me back just like it should. All of a sudden the radio turns off damm (oh whoops forgot to detach from external power) turn on bat and request push back stop. And it does.

Run check lists request clearance to depart and go through all that … It worked lol

So the long and short of it is … When it works correctly its really pretty good. But trying to get things to work properly is just short of a major pain in the ■■■■.

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Yeah that’s the thing, the game is amazing when it works as intended, hopefully we don’t have to wait too long before the worst bugs are ironed out


And the funny thing is that it always seem to work better off peak hours then peak hours which makes me suspect that some of the problems are due to the servers not being able to keep up with the users.

Playing during peak hours I constantly get the network error turning off photo… scenery. Off peak I never see the warning. And unfortunately there is noway to play this game without being connected to a server.

My experience after 280+ hours in the sim is the opposite, which is that sometimes it doesn’t work… well, sort of. I’ve honestly never had a CTD, and I’ve had single sessions that lasted well over 12 hours, no problem.

The most severe thing that has happened to me so far since release, is that the autopilot goes bonkers if I use Active Pause while the autopilot is engaged, or rather after I toggle out of Active Pause. If I use Active Pause, I can see that the IAS slowly starts dropping, as if the aircraft’s internal code isn’t paused even though the world around it is. It’s still trying to “fly”, but it seems to register that it’s stopped in midair, so the speed bleeds down to nothing. Well, I guess it would, I haven’t actually waited long enough to find out, but, the lower it gets, the more the autopilot is confused when I turn off Active Pause, and it ends up pointing the aircraft at the ground almost immediately in some kind of bizarre attempt to compensate.

If I have enough altitude, I can disengage the A/P and hand fly it back to level flight and then re-engage it, so it doesn’t always end badly. I’ve just learned to turn off the A/P before using the Active Pause for taking screenshots or whatever. Any other time I just use the normal pause and I suppose I should report it on ZenDesk. Yeah, it’s a silly bug and I’d like to see it fixed, but it doesn’t take away from the overall experience and it’s easy enough to avoid for now.

Now, I don’t fly the airliners, and the various activities you describe with all the service vehicles and stuff, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s some bugs there because that’s all pretty complicated I’m sure. But for all of my GA aircraft flights, which is likely well over a hundred by now, anything that goes wrong is because of something I did… lousy piloting on approach, I tuned the wrong frequency, or I was fiddling with switches when I should have been watching where I was going, perhaps forgot to lower my gear (yeah, really… checklists are there for a reason, huh?), or even flew beyond my fuel range without realizing it until my engines shut down mid-flight… stuff like that. I can’t think of anything that interfered with my flying because of some bug in the sim.

Not saying there aren’t any bugs, of course, or that I haven’t seen any (oh, I have) I’m just saying that of the ones I’ve seen, none of them have stopped me from being able to create a flight plan, take off, fly around, enjoy the scenery, and then arrive at my destination. I almost kind of wish I were experiencing these crazy bugs I am reading about because then maybe I could relate on some level to the people who are experiencing them, but I honestly can’t relate because I just don’t see them. Again, not the major ones. I really honestly don’t, and I don’t know why. If I had any clue why mine was working so well, and I could tell others, “Hey, I discovered this thing that will help stop all the CTD’s you’re having”, I’d be more than happy to share it. I’d be overjoyed, in fact.

CTD’s are frustrating, I’m sure, although I almost never experience them in any other games either, and I have a lot of games. Yeah, I guess a CTD issue would make a game “unplayble” in some cases, but if you know what causes a CTD and can easily reproduce it every time, like pressing the V key, then my recommendation would be “don’t press the V key” until they fix it. That’s a lot like the guy that goes to the doctor and jams one of his fingers into his own eye and says, “Hey doc, it hurts when I do this!”… and you know how the rest of that story goes.

Before today, I didn’t know what the V key did, so I had to run the sim and press the V key to find out, and now I see that it opens the VFR map. (No CTD for me, BTW.) I guess I don’t use the VFR map a whole lot, but even when I do, I always go up to the menu at the top and open it with my mouse. Sure, pressing V would be quicker, but I guess my question is, does it crash when you open it from the menu bar, or with the V key, or both?

In any case, it’s to the point where I have to steel myself before coming to these forums because it’s the only time that I get frustrated because my game is NOT giving me major problems. I think I really just need to go fly the sim and not poke my nose in here as often.