Once again... Very dissapointed in the flight dynamics of the default planes

SU 6 already and the airplanes aerodynamics performance yet to be fixed… AND before you tell me use mods… No I don’t think the average user should download mod for every single default aircraft.
I expect Asobo/MS to work with real world pilots with experience to iron these issues. It’s not difficult to find pilots on the forum that can volunteer and give feedback on the behavior and dynamics of the planes. I run into issues like :

  • DA40NG RPM constantly over-speed at almost all cruise power settings
  • DA40NG RPM numbers are to the single digit rather then increment of xx10, I get RPM like 1999 instead of 1990 and 2000
  • Many planes slow flight pitch mismatch real life ! the DA62 50% GW at 90 knots at 7.5 nose up already has sink rate ! This is a lot !
  • DA62 has dead throttle areas around Idle and full power.
  • A320 NEO takeoff acceleration / Load mismatch ! with over 400 total flight hours on the NEO itself, it’s not there at all.

And many many more issues that should’ve been tested and fixed by the developers.
I don’t know if Asobo/MS can assemble a team of pilots to keep in touch and fix some of these planes, so we can all enjoy a close enough performance / aerodynamics.

Please give your thoughts.


The average user shouldn’t have to download mods, you are very correct. The average user also will not care about the things you listed here.

Every single aircraft you listed there has mods that improve them. I hope you won’t refuse to use the mods based on the fact that Asobo should have paid more attention to detail when modeling these aircraft. I ran into someone a few weeks ago who refused to use mods on principle, which baffled me.


This applies only to the Diamond aircraft AFAIK since they are using a ‘standard’ NACA2412 like airfoil instead of the correct Wortmann FX airfoils. This has been already reported during alpha testing.

@Synoxys787 Fixing the issues mentioned by @InboardBench419 (apart from the A320 mismatch issue) is very basic and not exactly rocket science.
That’s definitely Asobos job!

I’m not using a single mod, because I have better things to do than to constantly check if a mod is up to date and/or if it is compatible with another mod or the latest SU or WU.

The only mod I did use was rather basic shift-z, until I found out that it causes wrong AP indications.

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I never did say that it wasn’t Asobo’s responsibility to fix it. All I was saying is that you should not refuse to use the mod because Asobo should have done a better job. :slight_smile:


For me all default aircraft (apart from the DA40 which can’t even be taxied anymore since SU6) are in an acceptable/enjoyable state.
The advantage of these mods simply doesn’t outweigh the requirement of having to constantly check, recheck and crosscheck these mods.
I don’t understand why this is baffling.

That’s not baffling. I was referring to an experience I had elsewhere with another user. Although, managing a few mods is not exactly rocket science. :slight_smile:


What‘s the point with „the average user should not“? How many PC gamers use vanilla games when there are mods available? It‘s the point of games that allow and encourage mods to actually use them, otherwise this average user will miss out a huge potential.

Who does use a vanilla Skyrim? Witcher? There are mod folders, these games are intended to be used with mods. Don‘t be so stubbornly ignorant, you make your life harder yourself. There is a wonderful website that has all we ever dreamed about in the flightsim community. Default aircraft being (able to be) improved so much with the easiest addon installation in flightsim history.



I do. FYI I don’t use any mods in DCS or Aerofly either and I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one.

Totally uncalled for reply.


Well I guess it’s his choice whether he wants to use mods or not. All my sims are modded and that’s my preference. Been doing that for decades! To each his own personally, I don’t enjoy vanilla versions of any sim or game.

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On most sims developed for a wide audience the planes that come with the game are quite mediocre. But still they are good enough for most people. Many people don’t dive that deep into the matter and will be challenged enough by basic aircraft functions and navigation. It’s always been the hardcore simmers that sooner or later switch to high-end planes like PMDG or Milviz, while most others are content to zoom around in something that looks nice and behaves reasonably like an aircraft. Just look at all the people who are even happy with stuff from VirtualCol CaptainSim and Bredok3D.

To make my point let’s go back in time: FSX planes weren’t too good either. Neither were the first in XPlane. And before anyone says P3D: that wasn’t developed for a wide audience, cost more than MSFS and used an already existing platform, so they could put more effort into the planes.

That brings me to my next point: developing a plane takes a lot of time and effort and the whole thing has to be financially viable. If you put 20 planes into a single package it’s reasonable to assume they won’t be as good as the ones from PMDG (which can cost up to half of the whole MSFS Premium Deluxe). It’s the same with the so-called hand-crafted airports in MSFS. They are ok but most are nowhere near payware quality by Aerosoft or Orbx.

So while some of the Asobo planes aren’t terrific, they are ok for me. The C152 and C172 are actually quite good. For some others like the A320, CJ4, DA62 or Bonanza (and even the C152) there are great improvement mods available. So anyone who has outgrown the stock planes (on PC) can “upgrade”. And there’s always the option of more “study-level” payware


Although TS is right, one of the appealing factors of flightsims to me is to enjoy realistic mods from freeware developers. Be it small tweakes or complete planes or airports. If your on Xbox thats another story. I cant imagine why somebody wouldnt use/try the FBW a320. If you know how to use Copy/paste your done.

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Precisely, it seems hardcore flight simmers who know intricate details of very complex aircraft are incapable of simple file management(!), it really isn’t that hard.

How on earth did you get to this weird conclusion?

From simply reading here and AVSim, give them a 747 from cold and they’re away, give them a zip file to download and extract into a folder and all hell breaks loose :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Could we please tone down the mud slinging a bit? It’s fine to have different opinions. No need to devaluate those.

There’s also no need to generalize whole groups.


One of the big advantages of MSFS is that running a mod is so easy. I remember the early FSX days (I didnt play it the last couple of years as I was unable to solve the OOM problem) and running a mod was more complex.
Why shouldt you run a mod? I installed my MSFS in december 2020 on my new pc and never had a problemn, never reinstalled (yes I had some CTD’s) but they were all solvable in the end.

I agree, the problem is that with MSFS a mod for an airplane may affect others parts of the sim. That was not the case with FSX, the mod was bound to affect only the specific plane. In MSFS you can get CTDs or other strange occurences for planes that are not modded just because you are using a mod for a different plane or scenary…

And you transfer your decision to a „everyone should do that“. This whole flightsim stuff lives from its mods and extensions. If YOU don‘t touch any mods that‘s your problem and it‘s you who miss them out. But as every other flightsim version before and parallel to MSFS it has a very basic equipment that will never receive much care. None of those default aircraft will ever get fixed or improved to the level of the available mods or even other addons. The available mods are nothing else than a PMDG or Aerosoft addon, placed into the Community folder and doing whatever they are made for. And that‘s the whole point of this sim. If you want to battle the default issues have fun but you can‘t seriously expect Asobo to care for you when there are many people doing that for free. And I‘m not only talking about Working Title or FBW whose addons get implemented in the default sim or who have professional installers, there are many more people who drastically improve the sim with their mods for default aircraft or gauges and Asobo will never put all the time and hence the money into their stuff now that these mods are available. They might fix a couple of things like this broken fuel transfer pump in the Da40 Tdi but never will this plane be up to the great level of the DA40 improvement mod that is comparable to a 30$ addon. And all you need to do is download it and throw it into a folder. Flightsim.to even notifys you if there is a mod available, it‘s that simple. No checking for updates, no files to be changed as in previous sims, just put in and fly. And the plane is perfectly steerable. :man_shrugging:t2:

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i dont know much, but i am sure that there are some licencing agreements with the aircraft manufacturers. the pressure needs to come from the manufactures so the the aircraft in the sim dont suck.

beers :beers:

To chime in on the subject of mods.

I am a PC user and I use mods myself.
Both in MSFS2020 and other games. Within the sim I do also use various aircraft improvement mods.

However throwing “use a mod” out there is somewhat PC-centric as MSFS2020 is now a cross platform title and we have fellow simmers who can’t simply shuttle off to Flightsim.to etc and sideload a mod or even poke around in the .cfg and modify things themselves.

MS/Asobo need to address one or the other.
Improve the accuracy of the aircraft flight models or provide wider access to community mods for Xbox users.

(And then the thorny issue of "are some of MS/Asobo’s aircraft DRM protected/encrypted in such a way that what a mod can actually improve is quite limited? Is that not the case with the Longitude for example?)