Once again... Very dissapointed in the flight dynamics of the default planes

Yes the xbox has an unfortunate fate. Consoles are great for „casual gaming“ for the lack of better words but it struggles with a flightsim. That‘s not meant spiteful, it‘s simply a fact. It‘s very limited to its closed network and what has been said when the sim has been released has been proven right now with more and more developers not releasing for xbox. It‘s a great gaming platform but external mods are impossible and people who chose the console must be (made) aware of it.

Regarding Asobo from an economical standpoint I highly doubt that there will be many fixes for existing content. A couple f things sure, like the mentioned fuel transfer pump or also the nose wheel steering. But those aircraft will not see their systems brought to a higher level beside the WT mods that will eventually make their way into the default version. Instead we will see new content like the air race or the Topgun expansion that brings in new money which can cover some fixes and new content development. Putting work hours into 20ish default aircraft to bring them to payware addon level is not economical and can never be justified.

For PC users it‘s absolutely simple to use mods, installation of addon content has never been so simple. The Community folder can have a shortcut on the desktop and all you need to do is throw your stuff in, with the Addon linker you can even manage your addons in categories. Unfortunately xbox doesn‘t offer that so anyone who choses this system has to live with what Asobo gives us. And more than one year after release I think even the last person has noticed what THEIR focus actually is. To use the infamous gamers/simmers words, the gamers are there to generate money and to play a bit and the simmers do what they have always done and shape their sim to their liking as good as possible. It‘s a pity that we‘re so seperated but below the line that‘s not our decision. Otherwise the community folder wouldn‘t exist.

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I personally as a professional aviator who use the sim for enjoyment can’t fly with prop over-speed blinking red light the entire time, and when approaching to land at the right speed I really like to see the runway I’m landing on with the sight picture I’m used to from the real airplane, without having to feel like I’m about to fall from the sky.

I’m not getting into the debate about mods, but I wanted to tell you what Asobo said in a recent dev QA - they (Jorg, I think) said that they DO want to improve the default planes, and are working on them more now that they have time.

So it’s not that they don’t care, and SU6 had a long list of fixes to default planes. I think they’ll get to the rest over time as well.

I absolutely agree that the default planes are about 95% of the way - I do not expect “study level” (whatever that means to you), and a few more rounds of fixes and tweaks will get the defaults up to most people’s idea of quality.


I this would be the case, why is Asobo still working on additional SUs?

You are completely missing the point. This has nothing to do with simplicity.
It’s just very annoying to use a mod which causes additional errors in MSFS.
It took me two days to find out that’s it’s not Asobo who introduced a new bug, but the mod is causing the problem.
MSFS is still full of bugs and I’m definitely not going to experiment with incompatible mods etc. and to guess why something isn’t working.

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really, taxied that thing all over the place yesterday, drives better on the road than my car… and that’s saying something

Yes that‘s definitely true but it‘s also the first thing I look at when something ceases to work. A good procedure to find culprits after an update is the halving-method: activate one half of your addons and you‘ll know if it‘s in this half or in the other. Do the same again and you‘ll quickly find the problem.

I myself have comparably few mods but all of them enrich the sim a lot. It‘s mods from well known contributors who have been known to care about their stuff, that‘s a big plus. There are however mods that have been put online and left for good, it‘s better to keep the fingers from them for the reasons you mention. But I can only encourage you to try MrTommyMXR‘s Diamond and C172 mods if you like thiese airplanes, they are really great.

Not making excuses for Microsobo in any way here. There are a lot of issues with the default planes that really should have been addressed long ago, but still persist. It shouldn’t be up to end users to fix serious issues with default planes.

That said, if you’re expecting more than an “Arcade+” experience out of the default planes in MSFS, your expectations are set too high. Should they be broken? Absolutely not. But you’re also not going to be finding highly accurate aircraft here either, outside of visuals. MS may have loudly claimed “sim for simmers” in the months leading up to launch, and have repeated that often since, but the reality of it is that MSFS has always been targeting the gaming audience at large, including Xbox. By design, the planes are simplistic and made so that anyone with zero flight experience can pop into the cockpit and have fun flying and experiencing their scenery simulator with minimal struggle.

Sorry you feel that you don’t want to use 3rd party add ons, but that’s where the “true” experience is found, regardless of the sim. That’s just as true with XP, or P3D. Default planes there are adequate, but if you want an in-depth simulation experience, you’re looking at buying and using 3rd party planes. Although I’ll certainly conceed that these 2 sims are targeted at the more niche simmer and training demographic, hence why the flight model, aircraft performance and systems of default planes are more realistic. The average gamer mass market isn’t their target audience.

But in any case, the add-on market - both free and paywayre - has been the backbone and life blood of flight sims for decades. If you willingly shun that market, whatever your reasons for doing so, you’re willingly robbing yourself of the greatest content available for any sim platform.

I’m curious, in which way would e.g. a payware C152 increase the simulation depth over the default one?

I’m not aware about signficant differences when I compare a real 152 with the MSFS one.

Completely agree. As beautiful as this game is ‘it is not a simulator’ in any stretch of the imagination. Adverse yaw/drag effects? Nope. Stall behaviour & Spin behaviour? Nope… Modelling of the basic flight physics? Barely… If anyone fly’s this Sim who actually wants to be a pilot; they’re going to have a rude and dangerous awakening.

Good question. I don’t really have an answer other than to say I wouldn’t buy a C152 addon as I feel the default one is adequate. I don’t even bother with the freeware C152 enhancement mod as I don’t feel it adds any extra value for me.

That said…

  • I wouldn’t touch the TBM if it weren’t for Mugz’ mod and the WT G3000
  • I wouldn’t fly the C208 without the enhancement mod
  • I’d never fly the Bonanza without either the Turbo or enhancement mods (Turbo is my favourite)
  • the DA62 wouldn’t be worth my time without the DA62X mod
  • I don’t really like the DA42, which is the main subject of the OP, but there’s a free mod that fixes what he’s complaining about. If I actually cared about that plane, I wouldn’t fly it without that mod.
  • I wouldn’t even consider the CJ4 as an option without the WT mod
  • I’d likely never fly a GNS-equipped steam gauge plane IFR if it weren’t for the PMS50 GNS mod

And these are all freeware mods. Albeit I did make a donation to PMS50 (equivalent to purchase of a high end payware item) for the GNS. It’s just that good. And I would buy a good study level TBM without hesitation, regardless the cost.

In any case, there are a ton of freely available mods with great reputations for stability that add the extra layer of realism that’s lacking to the default planes. While not perfect (limitations are typically the sim itself and not the mod), they move those planes out of arcade into sim territory. Installing them is a simple drag and drop process. Removing them in case of issue is equally easy. I stand by my statement that if one willingly chooses to ignore these in favour of lamenting their situation that default planes should be better, they’re doing so at their own detriment.

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Correct me if I am wrong…was there a good default plane in any of the other flight sims…only payware…or devs. What I have learnt its not a cheap hobby if you want a decent plane. All stock planes from every sim has been dissapointing.

Man its not a sim its an xbox game, mods could make it a sim …

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