Once you go VR, you don’t go back?

Great that you’re enjoying VR, but what’s with that tone?

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Vr or 2d? its up to the user.

VR for me as much as possible but realmworld limits mean that sometimes id like to play in 2d but game limits mean my 2d experience isnt what id like it to be.

Personaally, on the whole, “ill never go back” to 2d but its fine if folk want to or dont want to, we are all different.

Iv been into VR since 2016, For me this is the best VR experience iv had (when the sim works)

Flying watching the world go by with some tunes banging out is the best feeling ever, Ill never go back to pancake mode :slight_smile:

To the ‘pancakes’ in here, maybe that’s your problem because having a round screen, man that would be a nightmare to fly.

I found this here
It basically says that most VR games did not benefit from it because objects are usually too close.

But I must say, FS2020 is a prime example that actually would benefit from it. I really hop we get this option in future.

FYI there is a wishlist topic for monoscopic VR here. Would be great if we could choose between stereoscopic / monoscopic / long range monoscopic

Not seen a VR game that didn’t benefit from it.

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Keep topics focused on MSFS and not users. A reminder of the Code of Conduct and it’s SOP.

Sure, but you can still ‘see’ the trim wheel in your vision, even if not direct looking at it. Same as when you’re driving a car, although you’re not looking at the gear lever, you can still see it in your mid peripheral vision.
I dare you to go drive your car with a scuba mask on. Thats VR.

True. Except that I have aligned my peripherals to match their relative cockpit positions (at least for some aircraft), so I can guide my hand to the cockpit instrument I see in my headset, and my hand finds it on my desk. It’s really not that difficult.

tbh, I have not seen a VR game that actually uses Monoscopic Far Field Rendering.
Might well be the reason why you never seen one that did not benefit from it :slight_smile:

Looking at how VR already stresses out the cpu because the render pipeline has to be passed twice, I can well imagine how the performance overhead of passing it three times might cancel out GPU load gains, or worse.

Totally agree, VR for sight-seeing, monitor for flights that rely more on procedures and hands-on controls (trim, flaps etc.) Spotting a grass strip in VR is near impossible until you’re almost on top of it. PAPIs, getting other aircraft in sight and so many other things rely on visual detail. I’ve just bought a 43" Gigabyte monitor and it helps fill the gap to VR.

When helicopters arrive en-mass in the sim, that’ll be another reason to use VR especially for the landings. But I’m at the stage where I can put VR to one side when monitor flying works better.

For me the benefits of VR outweigh the negatives. Having much more situational awareness, looking around when taxiing, better depth perception during landing, making better judgement flying circuits in VFR, etc. I had to upgrade the PC though (went from a 3070 to a 3090) to get decent visuals.

Nowadays I mostly fly the CJ4 in IFR with the Working Title mod. One thing that is missing is a good Electronic Flight Bag. I use a mod for that to see the charts (don’t have a Navigraph account). I would love to see an iPad/Surface like device where you can show all the charts and data. I do planning (Skyvector, Simbrief, Windy, Chartfox) before going into VR and mostly before running the sim. Apart from a Hotas I did purchase a small panel for the autopilot operation (MIAP). That improves the operation in the cockpit significantly.

In VFR I really like the Robin DR400. It’s a bit underpowered, but fun to fly and very well modelled. It’s funny how my preference for certain planes changed when I went VR. Before I used to fly the Caravan a lot (for it’s view) and I hated the Diamond DA62. But now that has changed…


Have you tried the knee pad add on for vr? Use mine for flight plans checklists and whatever else info I need while vr flying.


I use EBAG, but am on the look for better alternatives. So will check that one out! Thanks

Makes sense with most games in close quarters, and objects that clip the transition plane to monoscopic need to be rendered in both stereoscopic and monoscopic. That might actually hurt performance in some cases. But Flight Simulator doesn’t have that problem since the aircraft is well separated from the rest of the world.

after playing mainly sims in vr since 3 years: when coming back to monitor It’s like I’m playing on a smartphone… but I agree, in MSFS2020 the graphics are FAR superiors in 2D… So I play VR 75% of the time (especialy in moutaneous areas) and sometimes switch to monitor, I must admit. :shushing_face:

I use FSKneeboard (pay what you want): https://github.com/Christian1984/vfrmap-for-vr

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Hopefully this is not too far from the consumer future. Technology is obviously already here, just a matter of the price and app development of using this tech.
I would love to be able to track real life geometry IRL and have a pass-through into VR to see these items. Would help quite a bit the whole blind fumbling for controls.