One frame when panning the camera causes a stutter

Hello people who know more than me, Title kinda explains what I’m having issues with, my entire game can run near 60fps but while panning the camera for one frame there’s a redline and a decently large stutter. Any information that might help would be great as it’s super annoying

Test is above NYC, C172, Live Weather, 200LOD, 150 Objects, Rest ultra, without motion blur.
Steam based version MSFS at 1080P (yes I know it’s a waste of this hardware I also run in vr lol)
PC Specs:
Ryzen 7 5800X3D
64gb DDR4 ram running @ 3200mhz
RTX 3080ti
Sim is running on a hard drive, not sure if that would make a difference…
PC is sufficiently cooled so overheating would not be a leading cause of this issue,
Hardware utilization is sitting at 20-50% on GPU and 20-40% on the CPU.

Any info would be great thank, a video posted below shows what I’m talking about. it’s an obvious stutter and one redline on the fps counter (dips to 55 from 60)

off rendering pre caching also already set to ultra…