One pilot but two people on board

I don’t know if the problem has already been mentioned but I haven’t found it.
I notice when we choose a single pilot on board, we see that there is a co-pilot each time.
Seen on the DR400. I would have to see if this is also visible on other planes.

That`s a default setting to make the aircraft trimming behaviour more neutral, and to match the visual appearance because in most planes the outside-3D-model shows two people on board sitting on the front seats.

I can understand

But there no

The default is two people yes, but I think what he means is that if you go into the weight & balance and set the seat 2 weight to 0, there is still a passenger/co-pilot in the 3D model.

While I would like to see this addressed eventually I’d much rather have a properly functional plane other than the A32NX first.

Yes, that is exactly what I mean.

After that, that’s not the most important, that’s for sure.