Bittorrent was invented for huge downloads like this to:

a) take the load of busy servers by spreading it over 10s, 100s or 1000s of smaller machines.
b) prevent problems like we’re having with the early releases.

Goodness me, I expect I’m going to love this (when the updates sort the litany of reported bugs) but it’s hard to imagine how a company with enough talent to create this magnificent and towering acheivment could smeg up something as basic as a content downloader!

Bittorrent is an open protocol with open clients - how hard can it be?


The Blizzard launcher uses it. It was never an issue in terms of speed or connectivity. Destiny 2 had some big updates, back when it was on the blizzard launcher.

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You know, there are Azure behind. Hundreds of server farms.

Fact is, that everything has a limit - we both know that’s how DDOS attacks work.

Distributed systems based on bittorrent and similar tech split the download not just across millions of servers (potentially) but also geographically too - taking the load off the many other backbones that the the data has to travel through.

It’s clear that some genius figured that staging a 90gb download from a few points was a good idea… seems to me that hundreds of people have a good reason to disagree.

Naturally I could be wrong.