One word... Patience

I would like to personally thank the developers of this game; I know you all worked very hard at this product and the game is beautiful. This should be a stepping stone in the gaming industry. I was able to fly over my house and the small city I live in; every road was exactly where it is in real life. The graphics are beautiful and the scenery is breathtaking. Just like any new game, there will ALWAYS be bugs, glitches, tweaks that need to be addressed. Give the developers a few weeks to fix these things. Use the Zendesk to report anything. The more they get the better the game will be at the end. Don’t let your first day of owning and playing with this game set the mood for everyone else. Be thankful we have a new flight simulator. I personally can’t wait to see what the developers have for this game. Be the change you want to see in this community.

Safe Skies!


Here here, and well said. I fully agree with everything you said. By taking my time, watching pre release videos and streams, I knew what to expect and more importantly what not to expect. Of course this isn’t a perfect simulator, and nothing will ever satisfy everyone all of the time. But bear in mind just how big a step forward this is from xplane.

For me it installed flawlessly. It runs beautifully, the detail and scenery is incredible. I am not a hard core simmer so maybe there is a lot I’m missing out on but it has got me more interested in flying and getting more detailed and it is really accessible. I suspect this has been a key goal of MS. To get a return on the incredible investment they have made in this product, they will be looking to engage as many people as possible. This is a great thing as it will build a user base and community that will encourage MS and the devs to continue that investment and growth. Over time this will mature and evolve and with our positive feedback can become something incredible with the whole world to play with.

My home town of Edinburgh is disappointingly rendered. The castle is funny represented as blocks of flats. But you know what, I don’t care because I can fly around it and my house in a really enjoyable and engaging way. With our support and working WITH the devs this will only get better.

Personally I love it, and I want to congratulate MS on this amazing achievement.


3 days downloading, be patient…

Totally agree. Its already incredible. Like Edinburgh, my home town of Blackpool is missing its piers and the tower, however the park is fantastic, including the boating lake, golf courses and even the different types of playing pitches. At this stage of the game thats mindblowing.

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