Online AI Traffic available outside the US?

Just had a quick glance at the world map, leaving only the filter for AI traffic on.
It seems as if the US is the country with AI traffic.
Explains why while flying through South America and the Caribbean I only spotted stationary planes on gates/parking spots.

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Seen a few flights passing me, whilst performing touch and goes in Sweden.

Just realised you mean just ai and not live! In which case I’ve not tried that yet!

I’ve seen it all over the world, meaning real live traffic.

I have had AI traffic show up in Spain at Bilbao and Madrid airports using the live AI. I have only used offline AI when flying in Arizona.

There’s live traffic world wide. Pretty busy in the UK.

I see AI traffic in any place I fly.

Barely see any in South America / Caribbean if using Real Life.

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I just did a short flight around Madrid to check things out with the offline AI traffic. My sliders were set to 100% commercial and 50% general aviation. While on the ground before and after my flight there was no AI traffic. During my short loop around Madrid I saw one AI aircraft flying in the distance. The live AI traffic is the way to go if you have the bandwidth.

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I was flying near Cleveland yesterday and the ATC AI seemed to be getting really pissed off with the AI traffic wanting them all to stay at 10,000ft!

Same here. Plenty busy at Arlanda.

Only you…change your name to “Big Liar”! :zzz: