Only 2 Planes loading

After uninstalling and reinstalling I have lost all my planes Except two the Cessna 157 and TBM930 I have uninstalled manually deleted everything I can find related to FS and then reinstalled 3 times now (about 32hours) but to no avail any ideas anyone?

Search the forum. There are several post regarding this problem and the fix.

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Download all purchased editions from the marketplace.
Then check the Content Manager.
I think there is a lot of content that needs to be installed again.

Next time pls do a search or at least check the link top of this page with the title “Known issues”, if you had done that you would not need to ask: “any ideas anyone?” as the answer is literally in the top of the page. - Redundant posts like this is cluttering the forum.

But anyways hope you get all fixed, and have a nice day.

Thankyou every body. Problem fixed now.