Only Blue Skies...? No other weather is working

This one has me stumped. I’m in the beta, and for the last several weeks I’ve just been flying in blue skies using the ‘Clear Skies’ preset. Today I decided to switch to Rain, but - no rain or anything else anywhere. None of the presets actually work, because all I’m getting is blue skies. Here’s what I have right now:

I’ve tried several airports in the Caribbean, KSTL, KSAN, KLAX, and one in South America, so it’s not a regional thing.

I have nothing in Community (I double checked and verified that the Community folder is the one listed in my UserCfg file).

Reloaded EVERYTHING - Uninstalled (from Steam) and completely re-installed, and also installed the Deluxe and Premium upgrades - and still blue skies only. I’ve scanned through the list of installed options in my Content Manager, but I don’t see anything that would cause this (but clearly I could be wrong).

This is a shot of my screen after I’ve selected ‘Rain’ as a preset.

Any ideas??? Many thanks…

By any chance do you have the Dev mode activated ?, if yes, go to Options and make sure the “Volumetric atmospheric effects” is ticked:

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THANK YOU! That was it. I don’t remember ever even seeing that setting before. I really appreciate you taking the time to reply.