Open up communications with Reality-XP

But it’s not a case of Asobo/MS relying on the RXP product ?

as far as I know, it has never been suggested that the RXP “Garmin Trainer” solution be adopted to replace the default Asobo/MS system.

I have no idea why this has become such a issue, but where I stand as a consumer, I would like the CHOICE to make up my mind what I want, and what 3rd party addons I want to add to run as part of my FS experience.


I don’t see what any of this has to do with Garmin Trainers. Asobo said they don’t want them on the marketplace. Fine. So why are they still blocking RXP? Maybe he has plans for other products, built in JS/HTML or WASM.

Before the DC-6 for FS2020, PMDG have never, ever sold a product for FS2020, and all their products were for P3D and X-Plane. I don’t see Asobo blocking their marketplace application because they don’t allow P3D or X-Plane content on their marketplace. And considering all of their previous addons relied on DLLs, I find it very interesting I never saw anyone from Asobo telling them flat out: “No, we cannot work with you or even reply to your emails cause we do not want to run DLLs in FS2020.” I know reading that you find it very silly. Why would they block PMDG based on their past addons? Of course they can convert those to FS2020. Well, why not say the same thing about RXP? There are other RXP products besides the GPS units. And there may be new products in the pipeline. Asobo made a lot of effort in order to help PMDG bring their P3D addons to FS2020. @CptLucky8 is offering all the necessary information for free, and no one from Microsobo is willing to even give him the time of day. Why is that, I wonder?

Bringing up the Garmin trainers makes absolutely no sense. Asobo have made their terms clear, and they can reject addon submissions if they want. Is there any other vendor being held to this standard? Is there any other vendor being asked if they hold contractual agreements with various manufacturers for addons they may or may not develop in the future? Has anyone had to prove they have a licence from Cessna, Piper, Boeing, Airbus, Garmin, or any other manufacturer in order to be approved for the marketplace?

There is absolutely no reason to block such a well established developer, acting like there is only one thing they will ever develop, and nothing else. Frankly, this unreasonable fixation on the Garmin trainer is bringing up a lot of red flags for me. So if people could maybe treat RXP like any other developer that wants to sell FS2020 products, that would be nice.

Besides, this topic is mostly about the wealth of knowledge @CptLucky8 has to offer. Based solely on that, Microsobo should be bringing him on board, not just hearing him out.


Asobo should not try to reinvent the wheel the reason P3d and every other sim before it relied on third-party content was a more stable platform and better products with Microsoft Flight simulator endless bugs CDT’s and FORCED updates will hurt this platform rather than help it I have Flown flight sim since 5.1 and have them all from 5.1 to msfs2020 X-plane P3D extra… the real story is they don’t think they’re broken GPS needs any help it has nothing to do with Garmen trainer that system can easily be tweaked or removed from the equation


they can try to make a gps built in as closed as possible from real unit, why not. they are a lot of people not interrested by a 1:1 fidelity with real unit (and a built in solution will never be at this ratio, never) and each customer has is own needs, this kind of built-in (approximative) gps can satistying somes, and probably the majority.

That Microsoft does an internal gps must not prevent gps by third-party developers from existing. it is then up to the customer to make his own choice. I am willing to take the risk of a trainer based gps even if this is to stop in the future and I doubt that would be the case for the one from RXP which has been supported for 20 years. Flight simulator franchise which has been discontinued for 15 years. Using a gps rxp is therefore less risky than using MS Flight Simulator ;).
A new version of a sim should not see regression appears, and actually, this is the case as we can’t have such unit with 1:1 fidelity AND well integrated (the only one existing at the moment is not truly integrated).
The problem doesn’t seem to be the access to the market (for the product only, it is a problem for others rxp product without any reason advanced) but some missing features (and i think not really difficult to implement) to make total integration of garmin trainer based gps possible. But they prefer to make new contents instead of implemented features needed for a best sim experience and fixing bugs (some as old as the beta version).
And remember, this thead is not only about rxp GPS, it is about communication with rxp, all that rxp can afford to the sim by collaborating (the sim really need aviation experimented people !) and by others rxp products blocked which could enhanced user experience. It is a waste


go on holidays. Hope to see some evolution when coming back.

(“Rebellions are built on hope” (c) Rogue One)

I’m using the RealityXP Products from a long time ago mainly the GTN simulators, and they have been adding value and a great experience to the flysimm community

First the market must be open giving the opportunity to all the partners to give their best - that’s the best for all approach in any market and business today.

Additionally, having good partnerships and the best developers with good products , as it is in this case, must be an option in the table as well.

Finally, having useful feedback from the users and a real and honest interest to listen the community will improve the FS2020 continually, as we all want fot sure.

The best for all,


Im not getting the issue with RXP. I do get that their current code works with the older sims but doesnt work on this new generation. I have multiple 3rd party addons that work fine for both the external Garmin gtn750 simulators and the internal gns530. The information is there for RXP to write new code to match our new sim. Does that mean we have to BUY a new version for our new Flight Sim, Sure does. We all have stepped into a new reality of Flight simulation. Why not update everything else to make it, as they said back in the day, “As real as it gets”. Come on RXP hire your coders and get back in the game. FS2020 is not going away.

That’s not true, actually. As far as I understand, FS2020 does not have some basic features required to make some complex gauges possible. But this isn’t just about RXP’s GPS units. Not only does RXP have other products besides GPS units, but he maybe wants to release new products. And the main point here is that @CptLucky8 has been very helpful in the community, and has lots of experience and suggestions which would benefit the community. Microsobo have gone into partnerships with other devs of questionable experience, so I don’t think it’s too much to ask for them to give him a chance.


good point… wasnt thinking about special dev treatment. I thought they all had the same access.

If my understanding of this is correct (and it may very well not be) devs with marketplace access benefit from better support from Asobo.

And as they choose who have access to the market, they choose which devs will benefit from better support as showed in this thread :

So by blocking RXP (not for garmin trainer based product but for ALL his other products), this major and historical sim dev is at the same level of support than a new and unexperimented dev (except some unknow until msfs and now 1st party dev)…ununderstable

And products on market sell at very high volume. It can makes the difference between keeping alive or die for an small editor. MS have with this market power of life or death on devs, that is not only about a better support.
And criterias for market access seem very “obscur”. Quality don’t seems to be one of them in any case.

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I’ve been a Reality XP customer for quite some time.

Once FSX finally came to an end for me I ended up moving to a competitive simulator. One of the reasons the transition was successful for me was the ability to purchase and use the RXP GNS/GTN series of applications.

Once MSFS came out I didn’t make any attempt to move to that simulator. I decided I’d wait and let it bake so “things” could settle down. I purchased the premium edition about a month ago. One of the first add-ons I looked for was the RXP GNS series. I was dismayed to find that the RXP line of products are not available.

I, for one, would like to have the RXP series available for my simulator experience. I’ll be putting MSFS back on the shelf to see how this pans out since I already have a valid sim. The fact is the MSFS marketplace will get by just fine without me. However, I cannot get by without the superior workmanship of the RXP line of applications.

Thank you for listening.



I would like to add my voice to this choir. I am a big fan of the high fidelity avionics offered by RXP and would love to see them in MSFS. Asobo, please get in touch with RXP!


I think that what they are having here is some sort of powerplay games and politics. That’s all there is to it. RXP doesn’t have as much pull in the market place as PMDG or Aerosoft so they are going to give them a run around until they go away. Even with PMDG and Aerosoft there is something going on between the lines and behind the scenes where those guys are getting shut out, kept in a dark and fed some party lines like mushrooms. I got no dog in the fight since I’m firmly and happily sitting in XP and P3D waiting for the XP next gen while flying perfectly happy planes over perfectly acceptable scenery with my perfectly working RXP GTN that I love. And watching the drama unfold in FS munching on popcorn. But I do feel for the people who are new to the hobby trying to understand and navigate this mess, while paying 75 bucks for GTN that’s not half the feature rich compared to RXP and costs exactly double. We’ll see how FS handles PMDG NGX release it’ll be a go no go point for many people as far as path forward.


Well this is all awful, But here is my stance as a NOT HAPPY user of MSFS but I still think it is is amazing and it really can be but it needs work.

So Matt and Co - ASOBO WT whoever, Please if you are not going to allow RXP (Which I think make amazing products) but that’s a fight I have no control over, so yes, Can you please at least concentrate on the NXI, and not piecemeal it out over the next year or 2 and just get it done please, I dont accept that it is free, Charge then! I am sorry but I just laying it out!! But either way the work you guys have done as Working Title has been amazing, but now you are part of MS, getting paid for it (the NXI) can it please be get done, we need some realism, every thing is just half baked, half done almost there but not quite or busted the awful Flight planner and it really needs fixing, we cant keep on with this stuff…It is horrific!

I am not being ungrateful, but what I am saying is Valid…

Thank You.

I don’t think they are reading /answering this topic anymore

LOL come over to the dark side of XP or P3D or both. Fly perfectly good and awesome planes over plausible enough scenery watch the drama unfold here for another two years and in two years they’ll either get tired of running around and stabilize this fiasco or they’ll shut it down like flight. My bet they’ll stabilize it and they you can come back :slight_smile:


Oh he is already there. :wink: We talk XP all the time! And I also fly P3D on the regular basis. :wink:

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See fun. I’m in zibo right now watching drama over here reading PMDG 747 Fcom in the second tab contemplating nagging toliss on exact release date of A340 while looking at new coming up in Dash8 centerfold. Oh yeah forgot Aerosoft forums super dramatic Ton of Jerry Springer TV drama all for a 100 bucks one time fee all from the comfort of my perfectly working high quality virtual cockpit :).

P3D is convoluted monster by the way but you need it for PMDG 747-777. For the rest, XP is a go to platform much better looking much easier to manage.


That’s how I maintain my sanity with MSFS. I am not sure of the correctness of this analogy, but MSFS is like having a great looking date, but at the end of the day you need to go and see people who actually challenge you and make your brain work. So at this point in my “sim relationships”, there is no marriage. :wink: I am just dating 3 different sims for different reasons. And they all know it. :wink: My actual wife loves it. (Not)