Open up the weather system to 3rd party devs

It doesn’t change the outcome. The weather is inaccurate in the current state. I’m ok with that by now since there’s no decent airliner yet, but when there will be I’d like to have actually real weather for flying in VATSIM.

HiFi has not hit a home run every time. Active Sky for XP is marginal at best. They also have no track record with a brand new weather engine like the one in MFS.

Meteoblue is only supplying weather data, they are not the creators of the weather engine in the game, Asobo is.

I would really like to be able to set my weather along my route. Takeoff sunny, land in fog, or land in downpours of rain. This is something I loved in previous simulation

I also want to create custom weather that changes over time by my custom predefined settings. But that’s a different request. :wink:

This post is asking for what you want:

Although I believe the first post should be simplified to attract more votes, and it could use a better describing title.

I see now that opening the weather to 3rd party dev’s is not planned which is a real shame. Jorg stated in a recent twitch developer live stream that they do not want to “step on anyone’s toes” and want full involvement from everyone. What is further frustrating is that REX has hacked the SDK while HiFi has been standing by waiting for the SDK to allow 3rd party weather and do things properly and with honesty.

The adage that “nice guys finish last” holds true in this case. I am really disappointed in the lack of openness to all 3rd party developers. No problem if you kiss Microsoft’s butt or are one of the “chosen ones.”

Please Jorg, do the right thing and stand by your words - Either shut REX weather down or open the SDK up. Microsoft is standing on HiFi’s toes right now.


Well it’s obvious they are indirectly encouraging non-SDK weather access techniques (3 popular wx add-ons now), so we have already begun doing that as well. We could have done that a long time ago but at least we are on track now that we know we’ll never have MSFS developer support or SDK access. It’s no big deal, we are quite used to having our “toes stepped on” and then some in this very tough industry. But users demand better weather experiences, and we think we can deliver, so we keep at it, despite incredible challenges. As long as our customers keep asking for more, we’ll keep working hard.

-Damian @ HiFi


Thanks Damian, I am glad to see that HiFi has decided to take on the task of bringing improvement to MSFS weather, I am sure that you will do a better job than any other 3rd party developer.

Looking forward to seeing what HiFi develops for MSFS.

Damian is our God, HiFi is our church! :fist:

Great to hear!
I can’t wait for Active Sky for MSFS!


I just want to clarify that we understand MS/Asobo have considerations that we are unaware of, and we are not blaming THEM for “stepping on our toes”. We understand it’s a business decision and we have no idea what complexities are involved. My reference to our toes being stepped on in the past seems to have been incorrectly referencing MS/Asobo and that is not the case. Our past has been challenging with lots of forces against us, mostly of competitive nature and it is that which I was referring.

Of course it is true that we are locked out and apparently in the only category of add-on developer that doesn’t get SDK access in this new sim we’ve been developing for over 20 years on, and that’s devastating (in more ways than you might imagine), but they don’t seem to be targeting US for exclusion specifically. It’s just weather add-on developers.

I’ve no ill will towards MS/Asobo, and I think what they’ve done with weather and depiction is incredible. I wish we could participate with SDK and developer support, but that is no longer in the cards, so we will do the only thing we can, develop without that… in effort to survive, keep the bills paid and food on our tables, keep the dream alive, and deliver to our customers and supporters. As others have including REX and Orbx.


I don’t get Asobo’s decision to lock out weather SDK access to developers. Yes Asobo can fix the weather related bugs in MSFS in-house, but allowing developers to create third party addons for weather does more than just provide a long-time favorite weather addon, it creates choice for the consumer and more competition, which is better for us simmers, which is also what Jorg constantly reiterated that this sim was for simmers first.


Not needed as they will get it right soon


I love ASXP. Still use it to feed weather data to all my third party stuff such as Little Navmap and P2A. Its challenging when the sim is doing its own thing :laughing:.

Keep at it, you’ve got my support. We know you’ve got the technical chops, just remember to price it right and you’ll succeed. Good luck! Would be happy to beta it for you. Cheers.

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Agree!! Open it up to 3rd parties! HiFi has always been EXTREMELY accurate as well as having built in VATSIM support so that the VATSIM weather and your weather is the same! Very important when flying on VATSIM.

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In case you missed it, MS/Asobo have already announced they will not be doing this (Nov 25 development snapshot). Wx add-ons are, from all indications, permanently locked out from SDK.

Just amazing. I am very disappointed to see this kind of post and its suggestions.

That messages was noted at least by me. Sad news and very friendly for us, the customers. Hard to understand the reason for that.

what is not long for you
I don’t see any improvement in Asobo’s weather system
it’s a bit like lottery, whether it works or not.
At the moment it doesn’t work over Germany again

if you don’t want to open the weather system for 3 developers then you should at least repair it :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


If you’ve paid attention at all, you realize how many “bugs” have been the result of third-party/freeware addons. I want the weather system built in to MSFS to be as great as it can be. I therefore do not want the devs wasting resources “opening it up” to third party devs.

That said, I am amazed at how little has been done to stabilize MSFS. I didn’t have a single CTD until two weeks ago. And now I cannot even get to KLAX without one, in spite of removing everything from my community folder. Asobo/MSFT: You need to fix this sim before rolling out new features.