Opened up after a couple of weeks not playing - 90GB mandatory update?!

What fresh hell is this?! Yes I already have SU6 installed, and had played it a fair bit, now I took a break and it wants to do a 90GB update. No way in hell I’m putting myself through that so unless there’s a known solution it can go back in the box.

Looks like you have a broken install directory path. Did you install the sim to a non-default custom directory?

No, it’s in the default, nothing customised at all. All quite odd, I’ve barely used my laptop lately as I’ve been travelling and haven’t installed or uninstalled anything or changed any settings.

Between here and Avsim, there are a couple hundred post about this unfortunate occurrence. From what I understand, this was suppose to only happen to those who were part of SU6 beta but somehow it appears to have hit those (including me) who were not in beta. Asobo did issue an apology and will try to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

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