Opening and closing the options menu resets all control surfaces

I’m surprised this hasn’t been widely reported yet:

If you open and close the options menu, all control surfaces (rudder, ailerons, elevators) reset to their center values. No matter if you’re parked on the ground or flying. This causes loss of control, especially on smaller aircraft. I don’t have video recording apps but here is a sequence of screenshots:

Flaps seem unaffected by this as shown above. I haven’t tested trims yet.
I’ve disconnected all peripherals and even flew using only keyboard and mouse, same issue. Actually I’m guessing some peripherals like HOTAS override this behavior/bug and therefore goes unnoticed.

No mods and fully updated, even the Content Manager packages.

This still happens in SU10. You enter the menus, close them, and control surfaces go to their neutral positions which throws away any level flight you had achieved.

How is this still an issue?