OpenVR Reshade - Universal VR Shader

This may be of interest to some, it’s simply put the Reshade Preset for VR. Unfortunately I can’t get it to work with MSF2020 as when using WMR OpenXR Runtime it simply crashes MSF2020 (using Steam install) every time.
When using SteamVR OpenXR Runtime I can change the values for the Mirrored image on the monitor to see it working, but nothing is changing inside the HMD (Reverb G1).

The github page mentions the Valve Index so perhaps it only works with that or other HMDs, if anyone gets it working correctly please share your details. In Alpha so perhaps there’s hope for me yet.



While I see positive feedback of this for several VR titles but unfortunately, for people who purchased from the MS Store at least, this may be impossible to use?

If the files need to be copied to the folder where the Flightsimulator.exe resides from how I understand the installation, and that would be ‘C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_1.14.6.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe’ for the MS Store version - all files and folders under the WindowsApps folder are heavily protected by complex owner and system permissions and if you try to get the permissions to modify in that location it could well break the installation of the sim so be very careful !! (Make a system restore point before attempting such heroics basically)

I did get ownership of the folder and have no issue so far.
Anyway, this works for OpenVR, not OpenXR.

I agree, never change permissions on this folder. Even if this seems to be working fine, it will most likely break something further down the path. You might want to use IOBit Unlocker instead for extracting or inserting files in these folders.

Otherwise, the best way to me is:
[BUG/FEATURE] Provide Color Space, Tone Mapping, CAS Shader Strength and post-processing effects controls in VR

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