Openxr App - is this latest version?

My OpenXR App last time was updated in 24.11.2021… and no more (december 22) updates ??

ver. 108.2111.23004.0 ? is this latest verion ?
i checked msstore daily for new updates…

That’s the latest stable version. There’s the next preview mode version that you can enable from OpenXR developer tools, but that’s afaik not mandatory at all.

ok, thanks but they said that in december 22 should be next update ???
I didn`t notice… ?

FAQ – General information

  • :large_blue_circle: [WMR] A new runtime (104.2012.9003) for Windows Mixed Reality headsets will be available on December 22nd. Please make sure you update to the latest runtime before running the sim in VR.

I run 109.2111.23003.
Please note that I’m on Windows 11 - not sure it has any significance.

That was last year! :slight_smile:

Which one is better, using the Steam VR ap, or Open XR?

Mine shows the same number in the store 108.2111.23004.0 but my modified date shows 02/12/2021.

Don’t know if that helps you?

(I can’t even run MSFS 2020 in VR at the moment after updating windows to 21H2 but thats another issue :sob:)

thanks a lot, so we have the latest versions both