OpenXR Toolkit (upscaling, world scale, hand tracking...) - Release thread

I’m using the beta with DLSS and DX11. Works great. FSR at 100% resolution adds a little sharpness at the cost of a very minor shimmer and you can of course go farther with that. Foveated rendering worked fine for me with DX11, DLSS, and FSR. I am using an Index with steamvr and a rtx 3080, and it’s wonderful. 150% resolution from steamvr, openxr toolkit with FSR at 100% for a touch of sharpness and mainly just leveraging the color controls. I’m an using only DLSS with no other motion reprojection or scaling. Smooth and clean as it’s been.

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Doesn’t Vive Pro 2 run with the SteamVR OpenXR runtime? That should work fine with OpenXR Toolkit.

Once the new OpenXR Toolkit 1.2.0 releases, you will have all of this working (eg: FFR+DX12). We’re literally talking here about maybe a week between SU10 official release and OpenXR Toolkit 1.2.0 official release.



It does but even though that is being used MSFS on VP2 just crashes to desktop when attempting to use OpenXR toolkit with SU10 beta for me.

If you have DX12 enabled without the registry adjustment to Foveated Rendering mentioned way above, it will crash to desktop immediately. If that is in fact the issue, if you either flip to DX11 in MSFS or employ the workaround, it will launch. I had the same thing when testing DX12 with the SU10 beta.

Post 2407 or thereabouts in this thread is where you will find a link to this

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Try turning off HAGS in windows if it is on should help with fps drop

Not sure how many are in the beta but my experiences have been a rollercoaster with each update.
.17 was by far the best with perfect switching between 31 and 23, with smoothness throughout even in the worst weather.
All the updates since then have been a step back for me, almost to the point of giving up, what with horrible scenery movement when looking sideways even well within the gpu/cpu limits, to scenery morphing etc.
Today I locked mr to 23.5 in the toolkit and I got all my smoothness back with minimal wobble, at Southampton in the the dark with rain was almost perfect so I’m thinking this is more of a reprojection issue for us.
I’ve got tlod at 200 and it’s still smooth which is unheard of for me since .17 so I’ll leave it locked at 23.5 for now.
Give it a try (openxr automatic).

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Can you comment on OpenXR Preview/not Preview? You had reported issues initially, but you never commented again. Please let me know. Thanks.

Sorry, not preview, preview gave me the stuttering overlay. I don’t think there’s much difference apart from that, I’ll try both tomorrow and update if there’s any change.

Ah thanks. The overlay issue is known and worked on.

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SU10 will be available tomorrow. Can I continue to use OpenXR Toolkit or do I need to stop using it?
Thank you!

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No problem in Su10 beta DX11 but a few more fps :wink:


@mbucchia I am sure you may know this but using the new Nvidia Studio driver makes DX12 work as it should, although entering VR with the OpenXR Toolkit active crashes me to the desktop. Disabled the toolkit and VR works as expected.

Can confirm the same thing just happened to me. Studio driver. Windows 11 with tonight’s KB5017383 & 264 installed. Still on Windows 11 21h2.

CTD when launching VR in DX 12.

Toolkit disabled and VR launches.

EDIT: Back to DX11 and the Toolkit is working great again, as is performance.

It’s hard to compare the two DX versions as both look sub par without the toolkit’s magic touch.

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As I know yes, you can use the current version of Toolkit (1.1.4). :slight_smile:

I did here the same question. Just stay on DX11 till the new Toolkit version (no support of DX12 yet). (btw. yu can use DLSS or FSR, not both in the same time, or you can use DLSS on and FSR as 100% if you use sharpness option).

This I think:

 [DX12][Flight Simulator] Potential image corruption [3722516]

Hey all,

The new version of OpenXR Toolkit is right around the corner, just waiting on a final round of validation from my beta testers, so hopefully releasing on time for the week-end.

Changelog in 1.2.0

  • Fix crash with DX12 and MSFS/SU10.
  • Fix Eye-tracked Foveated Rendering with MSFS/SU10.
  • Fix support for iRacing, War Thunder and F1 2022.
  • Fix support for X-Plane 11 and X-Plane 12 (only in conjunction with OpenXR-Vk-D3D12 on Windows Mixed Reality only, and no support for foveated rendering).
  • Fix support for Unreal Engine OpenXR plugin and Unity OpenXR plugin.
  • Fix WMR motion reprojection on/off setting not sticking across leaving/re-entering VR.
  • Fix WMR motion reprojection issues when used with Shaking Reduction.
  • Fix “invisible menu” issue with DX12 and Varjo.
  • Fix incompatibility between eye tracking and controller/hand tracking on Varjo.
  • Fix detection of hand tracking with PimaxXR.
  • Fix issue when RGB color correction is not applied when post-processing is off.
  • Fix upside-down image issue with certain OpenComposite games.
  • Add support for both eye-tracked foveated rendering and fixed foveated rendering in Assetto Corsa Competizione.
  • Add new “tutorial menu” for first time-use, will help debugging issues with users not able to bring up the menu.
  • Add option to alter filtering policy with foveated rendering (possibly eliminate unwanted glitches with certain games).
  • Support writing FPS/frame times to a CSV file (saved under %LocalAppData%\OpenXR-Toolkit\stats).
  • Add frame rate throttling for all headsets.
  • Added VRAM statistics in the overlay.
  • Add “legacy menu” mode that reverts the menu to pre-1.1.2, for people not able to bring the menu or having performance issues with the menu.
  • Add visual warning in the menu when HAGS is turned on.
  • Add option to disable hidden area mesh (only supported on certain applications).
  • Add left/right blind eye option (only supported on certain applications).
  • Add clock to the overlay.
  • Include overlay/menu in screenshots.
  • Removed Pimax WFOV hack.
  • Make safe mode even safer.

As I briefly mentioned earlier, this is the last major update (meaning adding features and/or game support) of OpenXR Toolkit. There will likely be a minor update version 1.2.1 in October and perhaps another minor update version 1.2.2 in November, both to address the most critical bugs. I simply no longer have time to maintain the project beyond that.


Thanks a lot like always :slight_smile: :heart:

WOW, 1.2.0 looks just awesome @mbucchia and Team!

Thank you very much for your massive contribution to us - the VR community!
Totally understand the time and efforts aspect. I just hope you guys keep at least an eye on the tool moving forward. Not dreaming of any more features or enhancements, just some maintenance to keep it alive and doing its great job for the current scope of games and headsets. However I know very well that even this may not always be feasible if runtimes / drivers / game engines etc. change…

Anyways, thanks a million again and very much looking forward to 1.2.0 !!