OpenXR Toolkit (upscaling, world scale, hand tracking...) - Release thread

No turbo mode. Never had luck with turbo in the past.

Did quite a bit of testing, bottom line is I get much smoother performance with SteamVR regardless of SSW on or off. I imagine it’s somewhere in my settings, but why fight an already excellent experience?

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Is OpenXR Toolkit compatible with VirtualDesktopXR?

When I use VirtualDesktopXR, with VDXR selected as runtime, I can’t open OpenXR Toolkit overlay to change options.

As soon as I do this FPS drops to 0, VirtualDesktopXR is locked, I can hear audio but the image will be never updated. I have to close Virtual Desktop streamer/service and restart all the stuff

Will the bug in the OXRTK Advanced fps counter that causes the GPU frametime to always read “0.00 ms” ever be fixed? That would be really useful.

Probably not. I can’t even confirm to you that it is a bug. I’ll explain it.

No code other than the game code itself can measure accurately frame times

Any tool you might use is always going to be an approximation (sometimes completely wrong too).

This is true for CPU frame times as explained earlier in this thread about “frame pipelining”. Only the game knows its intent when managing frames, no external tool can accurately guess it.

This is even worse for GPU frame times, because the game never expects that an external tool is going to go and steal/insert commands into the context. IIRC the 0ms reading only happens with DX12 under some circumstances, which are probably an unfortunate combination of GPU timestamp queried (timers) being inserted/queries at the wrong time, because we can never fully know what the app is trying to do.


I’m assuming the in game FPS overlay in Developer Mode is correct?

Thanks for the explanation. Does that mean the displayed CPU frametimes in OXRTK are only an estimate?

I’m guessing that somehow reading the proper times for both CPU and GPU directly out of the game is technically impossible as it stands?

Wish Asobo just made their Devmode fps counter work properly in VR… Issue has already been raised.

Re: MSFS dev mode

I said “Only the game [can measure frame times correctly]”. That doesn’t mean MSFS in particular does. I honestly don’t know, I don’t have access to their implementation.

I recall we had multiple questions in the past about oddities with dev mode frame times, for example the thread where everyone though motion reprojection used up 10ms of their CPU ^^ but that was 100% incorrectly reported by dev mode.

Re: OpenXR Toolkit frame times,

  • Only the one called “rdr CPU” which is only covering the rendering part of a frame, can be accurate at all time.

  • The “app CPU” is accurate, however as you might have noticed, it is not always displayed because it is not always measurable. But when it is shown, it is accurate.

  • The “app GPU” is an “at least” kinda thing. Some games will do some off-screen rendering prior to the beginning of a frame, which isn’t accounted for. A more accurate measurement cannot be implemented in OpenXR Toolkit (because it would also incorrectly capture some of the platform’s workload). The OpenXR runtime can have a more accurate method, but not all runtimes implement it (and most runtimes don’t make the data available to the user anyway, and they only use that measurement to kick in motion reprojection).

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I haven’t changed much in my settings in quite a while, but recently upgraded to a 4090FE and have been spending time down the rabbit hole again. One thing that has become super annoying is a consistent CTD when restarting VR mode. A real pain since some of the changes in OpenXR TK require a restart of VR. Is that Turbo Mode causing that?

Ive used turbo mode on various headsets and never had crashes. What HMD are you using?

HP Reverb G2, but I think the problem was (perhaps, anyone’s guess) rolling cache. I was also getting complete freezes when loading in airports that I haven’t flown to in a while (or ever), even in “safe mode”. I deleted and disabled rolling cache and can now fly out of any random place quickly. I also exited and restarted VR many times after that and it didn’t crash. Related? Maybe - you never really know with MSFS.

Haha true. No 2 flights are ever the same

Question for @mbucchia or anyone who transitioned to a Varjo Aero – can I use the settings in System>Field of View to roughly approximate the FOV I’d see in the Varjo (compared with the Reverb G2)? I jumped on the 50% (+10% off) sale on the Varjo, despite my concerns about the limited vertical FOV. I was curious if I could acclimate my senses to the Varjo ahead of time using this setting. Thanks!

Not sure whether it’s possible to approximate it realistically but I’d just wait it out. No point in depriving yourself of the FOV for longer than necessary :sweat_smile:

The clarity will blow you away either way. And don’t worry about the edge distortions you will initially see, they will disappear quite soon, promise!

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there is very little part of the screen you don’t see on an Aero, so this FOV override is not that very useful. Reducing FOV is useful on headset with very small sweetspot like Quest 2.


Just read your message on your now discontinued Discord channel.

I could not let that pass without thanking you for everything you have done for so many people. I believe I can speak for all of us in understanding your reasons for reclaiming your free time after so much amazing work.

Again, thank you and well done! :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:


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A sad day for VR users.

@mbuccia, thanks again for all the work you have done for us VR users! Your work has been indispensable and will not be forgotten. Your dedication and expertise will be grealy missed.


I get the gist of what has happened but could someone add the details or the post?


Look for “OpenXR Toolkit (Defunct)” on Discord.